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Stop dillydallying Wenger and just sign this man already

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Jackson MartinezSeveral reports are suggesting Arsenal are trying to land Alvaro Morata on a £1.7 million loan deal until the end of the season.

The Gunners have supposedly re-opened talks with Real over a loan move for the 21-year-old having had their previous approaches rejected and Arsene Wenger himself ruling out a swoop for Morata.

However, should a move for the Real Madrid youngster not be agreed then Arsenal are prepared to spend heavily this month to land a reliable striker instead.

And it is believed Porto’s Jackson Martinez is leads a long line of potential candidates.

With this being said, and if of course these reports are to be believed, then why not just splash the cash on a prolific forward rather than attempting to bring in a youngster on loan?

I hope Morata rejects any advances from Arsenal and opts to stay put so that Wenger will be forced to go out and acquire a prolific striker which is what we all want to see come in this January.

What is the point of going for Morata? He’s not exactly a world beater and someone we can rely on to bag the goals. Just because he plays for Real doesn’t mean he’s a special talent. Don’t get me wrong, Morata is a decent enough forward, but to lead the line and rely on him on a weekly basis? No thank you.

Wenger knows what the side needs and what the fans want to see happen this January.

Forget about trying to sign Morata and saving the bucks, just go all out for Martinez and be done with it. Martinez is a beast and loves to score goals – a proven striker. Better yet, the 27-year-old Colombian stated earlier in the week that he would love the opportunity to play for our club in the near future and, in his own words, ‘wouldn’t hesitate’ to join Arsenal. Offer Porto just over £30 million and he’ll more than likely be ours.

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  • Impala mossie says:

    Buy suarez,fullstop

  • sundaysunday says:

    l support our dearly coach to buy non champions league player and pls buy it in time to allow him blend with other players. thanks

  • kenfitting says:

    we need atypical 9 as soon as possible to land on our promised land

  • rodrick says:

    I gree 100% i don’t want to see this Morata deal to go through i want Arsenal to sign a proven striker, Diego Costa or Jackson Martinez. GUNNERZ 4 LIFE.

  • Kisongochi Butemboh says:

    The usual panicking and sick wenger is at it again. with the premier league teams packed with world beaters on there frontline; from Man united, Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham, the poor wenger is talking about Morata an unproven kid before goal posts when a chiampion like ian right, Nicholas Anelka and Thierry Henry in Jackson Martinez is crying come and get me? Wenger if you cant take Martinez, your striking power will never march man city, Man united, chelsea , tottenham and liverpool. sign your baby morata and buy him enough milk but forget the league

  • Elewure says:

    It is quite unfortunate that Arsene dont respect fans’ opinion he just does anything he deems fit. Nobody knows what goes on in his mind at any time and he doesn’t discuss his transfer target with the media. People only speculate. Giroud we know is a failure at arsenal or how do you call a striker who can not be relied upon to bang in goals? If Giroud is the type of striker we all yearning for, by now we would have led the second placed team by at least ten points. He is a wasteful. Wenger knows that is why he wanted to sign suarez last summer. Please tell hlm to sign martinez without further delay if he wants to win anything this season. Giroud, Bendtner and the kid, sanogo cant win us trophy. Akpom is better than sanogo but may be, he is trying to market the young guy from his native country.

  • Ian Hawthorne says:

    Forget Morata. He is not in the same league as Jackson Martinez. This is our best chance of the title in years and Jackson Martinez is THE man to shoot us to the title. FFS the man WANTS to plat for us, Duh

  • bad deal,kenya says:

    one fact each gunner should know…. wenger can never ever buy an established ,proven and famed player the REASON and the EXCEPTION :- REASON:- wenger is believed to be earning a commission for every young player nurtured and disposed , and as such he will NEVER EVER buy a finished and proven player and just to fool arsenal fans in transfer windows he always pretends to go for almost unattainable targets like suarez case , places his interests b4 club arsenal
    EXCEPTION:- Ozil transfer was neccesitated by the circumstances prevalent during that window coz every one was at his throat
    so fellow gunners dont harbour great hopes coz on the pitch our direction is parallel to wenger’s but financially or to the benefit of our beloved ARSENAL a contrast

  • Angluet says:

    Mr. Wenger please we need 2 win something and be part of champions 9years without winning trophies it a shameful thing 2us despite d good football nd kind of talented players we had it whunt be suitable 2fail diz year again without wining d league cause diz d best time nd d sureable period of wining d league please sign us an hungry scorer dat all always Cry 4GOAL.I Joined diz club in d year 2004 and av only won 2cups with d club plz i need more trophies 2show dat a Fan of Gunnerz Get a STRIKER!!! Gonnerz 4LIFE

  • Angluet says:

    Get a striker and let become Unbeatable Glamon.we are good in defence d centre position bt worst in striking force please wenger

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