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Has this forward impressed in his first season at Arsenal?

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Arriving from current Ligue 1 champions Lille last summer for a reported £10.5 million, Gervinho is nearing the end of his first full season as an Arsenal player.

So there is no better time to ask that all important question which will surely get a few of you out there debating – Has he impressed?

The 24-year-old has featured a total of 31 times for the Gunners (25 in the Premier League), with three league fixtures left to play. The Ivorian has managed o find the back of the net on four occasions and has bagged seven assists along the way.

Gervinho has bags of pace, is a tricky forward to play against and is considered a direct player who isn’t afraid to take on an opposing defender with his wonderful ball control and dribbling technique. His low centre of gravity helps him produce some dangerous runs down the flank, and his sharp movement, cutting in and out in the final third, causes havoc.

For me, the simple answer to the question I have asked in the title of this article is yes.

Some may strongly disagree with my view, but for a player to come to a new country and a new club with new team-mates, Gervinho has done pretty well for himself, not great but not poorly either.

Yes we can criticize him for his lack of physical strength and his inability to test the opposition goalkeeper, which makes me think to myself, the guy either can’t shoot or is a magnificent team player, as he would rather assist than score.

Whatever the case, Gervinho has managed to cause confusion and mayhem to those he has come up against. He has played a vital role in the front three alongside Robin van Persie and Theo Walcott. At their best, they were no doubt the most feared front trio in the Premier League – creativity and pace on the flanks with a deadly finisher in the middle, you can’t ask for much more than that.

His form has dipped a little since his return from the African Cup of Nations though, but he can only get better from here on in.

Gervinho possesses a lot of potential and with time, the Ivory Cost international could become a great asset for the club.

What do you guys think – Has Gervinho impressed in his first full season at Arsenal, or does he need to step it up next season?

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huge Arsenal fan, love the team and all that comes with it.follower of all kinds of sports, football being my first love, yet to attend my first arsenal game but i am planning too, some time in the not to distant future. i enjoy writing as well, that's how i ended up here, never looked back....


  • shagx says:

    Can’t believe he’s been criticized by that many people. What the hell are people talking about? He’s done brilliantly! How many player we have that will actually take players on? How many player we have can actually get behind players? He did both on regular bases!
    Yes, some times his first touch let him down.
    Yes, his shooting needed to be improved.
    Yes, his form dropped a bit when he return from the African Cup.
    Well, give a guy a break. This is his first season. And people expect to see a Robert Pires? Come on, Pires didn’t play that well in his first season either. Didn’t some guy named Henry was accused of being absolutely clueless being a striker? Song was accused of being a garbage wearing the red and white as well and look at him now. Easily one of the best box to box midfielder in the league.
    Have you people not learn???
    Have patient!!!!

  • Kelvin chukwuka nwabunma says:

    Some of u are sentimental,some of u are blind.he is done well he is one of d players that brought arsenal back in oct,nov b4 ACN. rewatch chelsea match at d brige n d matches that followed n see most of Robin’s empty net goals is as a result of split dribbles of his apart frm rosicky which arsenal player can glance thru defenders.Gerviho is d man so remove sentiment,open ur eye n jurdge him correctly.GERVIHO U ARE GUD.

  • Delucks says:

    Some of u are as blind as the Bat with two eyes but can only see as soon as the night falls! your tongues too weak to criticise than analyse be4! Therefore, as the bat only sees in the night, so are some of u who only see there & then with either your TVs switched on or from the pitch as is! Can some one say RVP is a waste b’se he hit the post twice last weekend basing on only that match?? Come on..give the guy a break!!

  • henry says:

    Gervinho has impressed me,bulking four goals and 7assists is enough for his first season,he knows he needs to improve,so also does Ramsey knows he needs to improve…not all players become a hit in their first season, it took Cesc three years to produce assists above 10…cut them some hats…instead of buying another striker,i will say bring Vela back,he has produced 11goals and 8assists in 30matches producing 19goals while Demba ba has 16goals only and no assists in 30matches

  • nickw says:

    His job is to break down defences and create assists and for the most part he has failed to deliver. Maybe he can improve next season but one thing is for sure he will have to improve if he wants to be considered a success. The reason we have fallen behind our rivals is because there are too many hyped up mediocre players that fail to live up to Wengers expectations. I just wish he was more objective about them and didn’t indulge them so much. Better still get a new scout in France because lately he’d be better off scouting for Bernard Mathwews with the number of turkeys he’s been bringing over.

  • nicenshine says:

    Hes not bad for the first season. He will get better for the next few seasons to go. Overall hes a good player.

  • Putyourfootin says:

    Gervinho was the only player who penetrated the opposition for us for about 6 weeks before he went to the african cup of nations and Arsenal had their 4 big defeats of the season, including the milan one. He never recoved from the change in mentality when comming back from the ACON.

    The summer will rejuvinate him and he is definatly hungry to improve, not forgetting the extra competition from Maiyachi and Chamberlain.
    I expect good things to come from Gerviho, and even at his current ability I would still think of him as one of the more useful subs to bring which can not be said for alot of our squad.

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