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He’s coming back!!!

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Well here is some interesting news that may have a lot of the Arsenal faithful pull a moronic face – Denilson is coming back!

The 24-year-old midfielder rejoined his boyhood club Sao Paulo on a season-long loan deal last summer after being overlooked and falling down the pecking order at The Emirates.

The Brazilian was hopeful of extending his stay at Sao Paulo, but for some strange reason Arsenal want him to report back in time for pre-season training.

Denilson was quoted in The Sun saying:

‘I would stay another six months, but the decision was not mine.

‘I have a contract with Arsenal and I have to stick to it.’

Now I for one don’t get this move by the club, unless of course they plan to ship him out for good in the summer, which seems highly likely judging by the player’s latest comments.

But you can never rule out the possibility that maybe, just maybe, Denilson still has a future at Arsenal!!! Perhaps Arsene Wenger will give him one more chance to prove himself worthy of playing for the Gunners.

Though this to me doesn’t seem likely because A] we have at least 5-6 midfielders who are technically much better than him and B] if Yann M’Vila arrives in the summer from Rennes, it will only place Denilson further down the pecking order than he already is!

I really, really hope that the club’s decision to bring back Denilson, rather than keep him out in Brazil for an extra six more months, is because they finally want to get rid of him permanently.

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  • john says:

    he is coming back!!!………who?? Who??who??———–Denilson——-triple meh with a slice of bleuzer on top.

  • bc says:

    If he stays in brazil he will miss the transfer window. at the end of the day arsenal will want all their players back to evaluate the squad before the window closes. denilson would have been far more useful this season than almunia squillaci mannone diaby and even wilshire. do we see a future for him at arsenal….no? does wenger? who the hell would know other than wenger?

  • nicky says:

    If Wenger wants Denilson to return, there will be a very good reason. We certainly would have played him at times his season.
    If he returns to the squad, I hope that the morons at the Emirates who abused him so often in the past, will have the sense to give him 100% support on the field. After all, he does his best and if Wenger has faith in the guy, then so should we.

  • Aussie Jack says:

    Giving non performers chances at this level of football is a risky business,we certainly can`t afford to give them a first team place unless we are desperate. One reason Wenger could be recalling him is that it would be good sales policy to have your product in London rather than Sao Paulo, this is where the market is. I can`t see him being part of wenger`s plans.

  • tobeskie says:

    Welcome li2 genius…if is with us dis season..he would ve bin more useful…come on…

  • jean62 says:

    Why cant he be back??Fucking Ramsey is there

  • meaner says:

    Just imagine a combination of Denilson and Ramilson in the midfield…. a nightmare for the fans. lol

    • Clown Shoes says:

      What is your problem with Ramsey, he was exccellent against Chelsea.

      Why do ‘so call fans’ continually whinge about certain players without reason…?

      Ramsey is 21 yrs old, he has spent a year out with a serious injury, and he is being played out of position alot of the time.

      there is something seriously wrong with some sections of the support – mainly the younger mob that have never known anthing but Wenger in charge, and for some un known reason they want him out? Why because he hasn’t spent 25 million on a striker like Carroll or 23 million on a Midfielder like Henderson. the media praised Liverpool for their spending last summer – shows ambition etc. Try making your own mind up, rather than following the sheep.

      I am an Arsenal support so I support the team, regardless.

  • nicky says:

    @Clown Shoes,
    Couldn’t agree more. Even if we won all 4 Cups, a moronic section of our so-called supporters would pick on someone to abuse. It seems they have to have a hate figure to fulfil their need. For some poor fools, Ramsey has become the natural successor to Denilson. 🙄

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