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Players like this need to leave Arsenal


There’s a lot going on at Arsenal. Not on, but off the pitch. Of course, you have the Arsene Wenger contract saga which will drag on for a few more weeks or so, as well as Mesut Ozil’s and Alexis Sanchez’s currently in doubt as well. To be honest, it’s getting boring now, and the sooner its resolved, whatever the outcome is, the better for all in my opinion.

But there is something else that has really got under my skin as of late. No not Granit Xhaka’s ridiculous claim that we are on the same level as Bayern Munich despite receiving a 10-2 mauling over 180 minutes in the Champions League by the German giants earlier this month and in late February. Not Nacho Monreal, Hector Bellerin and co. wanting Wenger to sign a new deal, but what Olivier Giroud has had to say recently.

The France international recently came out declaring that his career will not be defined by winning trophies. But I can’t say I’m not surprised to hear this from an Arsenal player. I mean, what do you expect when you have a manager that has instilled such a mentality over the past 10 years or so and happy just to finish in the top four? Nonetheless, Giroud’s claim will certainly not go down well with a number of the Emirates faithful, perhaps not even ex-players and football pundits alike. For a player to come out and say such a thing just goes to show you where Arsenal are at the moment.

I’ve had a go at Sanchez for his strops and temper tantrums this season, but you know what? I can understand why he throws them and gets frustrated. The Chilean is a winner, has a winning mentality and by the looks of it, Giroud severely lacks this, as do other several members of the squad.

We want winners at the club, players whose priorities are to win trophies and be acknowledged and recognised for what they have achieved when they hang up their boots. Every footballer should want this, so for Giroud to come out with such a claim that not only confirms that the Arsenal squad are mentally weak and lack winners, but it makes the Frenchman appear only interested about his hair, money and doing the bare minimum.

If any other Arsenal player in the squad feels the same way Giroud does then they need to pack their bags and move on, otherwise the club, to quote Wenger, will not reach the ‘next level’.

(Article courtesy of Absolute Arsenal)

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