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Can we truly depend on this man to bag us goals?

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BendtnerThe start of what is the busiest stage of the Premier League brings with it squad rotation and chances for fringe players to show what they are made of. Our last outing against Hull City was a testament to that fact, with Arsene Wenger altering his starting XI. The most notable one being Nicklas Bendtner for Olivier Giroud.

Many, like me, may not have been too happy to see him start after what has been documented in the press over the past seasons, which was his discontent at the inability of the club to sell him among other things.

But despite all this, the Dane found the back of the net in less than five minutes, which lead to questions of his inclusion in the starting XI less judgemental at the time.

The question now is – can we really rely on Bendtner to get us goals regularly if Giroud is not available for selection?

To be honest, I don’t think so. That goal v Hull City was his first in three years for The Arsenal and taking into account that he’s been on loan for most of those doesn’t take away the fact that his goal-scoring record (while out on loan) wasn’t something to write home about either.

The self proclaimed ‘best striker in the world’ has never been able to put in the kind of consistent form and performances required to make it at Arsenal. We need the best we can get from everyone against all teams as no side these days is a pushover.

Theo Walcott up top, as a rotation option for Giroud, would be a better suit and with the creative ability of our midfielders, I’m sure the pace of Theo, as well as his other qualities, would offer us more than Bendtner would.

Whether or not Bendtner truly wants to prove his worth to Wenger or place himself in the shop window remains to be seen. But it will be interesting to see how he pushes on from here from now until January especially.

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huge Arsenal fan, love the team and all that comes with it.follower of all kinds of sports, football being my first love, yet to attend my first arsenal game but i am planning too, some time in the not to distant future. i enjoy writing as well, that's how i ended up here, never looked back....


  • toby says:

    See,let me tell you,neither Giroud,bendtner nor even sanogo is good enough for arsenal. Why would you call bendtner lazy wen giroud is just the same? I think it’s high time we bought fast/pacy,tricky and just some freaking good strikers pls.

    • Roughchops says:

      See my comments below…

    • JSG says:

      If you don’t understand what Giroud brings to the team you can’t have watched Arsenal much this season. All our midfield has trickery, Ozzy has pace (as do Feo, Serge and Ox). I don’t think Suarez would make us any better – he can score goals, but he can’t hold the ball up and bring our dynamic midfield in to play.

      We play 4 amazing attacking midfielders (and have about 8 or 9 options for those 4 spots when all are fit.) Therefore, a CF who can get the best out of those players is worth fa more than a striker who wants everything to go through him.

      Look how much better we’re playing now we’re not just trying to get everything to go to RVP. He scored 37 goals yet we got 4th. Olly’s scoring fewer and we’re top.

      Look how many times when we score you see Olly on the wing. That’s because he’s won the ball in the middle of the pitch with back to goal and laid it off. So one of the wingers comes inside to join the attack, meaning that Olly goes and takes their position on the wing to stop the full-back going inside to cover.

      I don’t think there’s a player out there who can give us all Olly does (including his power in the air at both ends of the pitch) who also has the pace and finishing ability you crave.

      Our attack is essentially our 4 attacking midfielders, and Arteta and Giroud basically operate at either ends of the pitch to allow these 4 to express themselves.

      Compare how badly ManU are doing with Rooney and RVP. Our fluid, mobile midfield is much harder to mark out of the game than a single striker like Suarez (who didn’t get a sniff against us.)

      You obviously don’t watch the Arsenal or you don’t understand how we play.

      And as for him being lazy? That’s insane. He works as hard and covers as much ground as anyone in the team.

      I suggest you take up another sport, Toby, as you obviously don’t understand football in the slightest.

  • Neal says:

    This is the first time this season that Bendtner’s played and been match-fit (and that’s thanks to his appearances for Denmark), and he looked lively and sharp. Expecting him to score goals when he’s hardly got any minutes behind him is like expecting to ride through the Sahara on the back of a blue whale.

  • Roughchops says:

    The answer is YES! Arsene Wenger is the manager and he has kept Arsenal in great shape over many years and now with Özil along with Cazorla, Ramsey, Arteta and Flamini to feed him he WILL score. Even I could score with that kind of service. So stop moaning and get on with SUPPORTING Arsenal.

  • will says:

    The answer is no same as will so called arsenal bloggers ever back arsenal

  • kamati says:

    Giroid and bentner are jst the same.. its time fr us to find a new and energetic striker

  • Bernard says:

    Giroud and Bentner are same

  • hakeylowee says:

    they are both the same (Giroud & Bendther) .
    .. & I guess JSG is from France, considering the way you antagonized Toby… you’re entitled to your opinion, so is Toby. & as for me, Giroud is not worth being in a team like Arsenal; he is only there coz we’ve got no good option.
    .. *FACT*

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