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Higuain gets the thumbs up from Arsenal fans

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gonzalo higuainAbout nine days ago, following Arsenal’s strong links to Gonzalo Higuain and David Villa, I wanted to gather the thoughts of my readership on who (out of the two) they would rather see join the club this summer.

The reason why I didn’t include the likes of Wayne Rooney and Stevan Jovetic in the poll was because they seemed to have disappeared from our radar. Not only that, but both Higuain and Villa have been heavily linked with us in recent weeks.

It appears we are on the verge of acquiring Higuain from Real Madrid for a bulky £25.5 million, while Villa’s future at Barcelona remains unclear, with The Gunners linked all winter with a move for the Spanish forward.

We received a fairly few comments on the matter (26 to be exact) and a massive 1244 votes were cast (thanks to those who contributed towards this)

To be honest I was not surprised with the comments left, nor was I shocked at the results of the poll.

Results showed that a staggering 93% of votes cast would have Higuain over Villa, who received just 84 votes from 1244.

Seemed a no-brainer to me, but because of Villa’s experience and winning mentality, I expected it to be a bit more of a competition. Oh well!

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  • I like villa but age is not by his side and his a injury prone player while higuain is a younger and very durable,clinical and his have heart

  • joseph emeka says:

    non is a bad choice

  • robbie says:

    HIGUAIN I know u gonna be in our colours I can feel it!

  • kofi says:

    I had them both to be perfectly honest, regardless of age David villa would bring a new dimension to the team with his experience and natural ability to score goals. On the other hand there’s Higuain who unlike David Villa is still in his prime, looking at the stats his achieved over the last couple of seasons whilst at the same time not being able to hold his position in the RM starting 11 just highlights Higuains ability and natural goal scoring talent. For this reason I believe Higuain would be the better if we had to chose out of the two strikers, as he appear to be something we have been missing since the departure of rvp: a world class striker. So to have Higuain as part of the gunners starting 11 next season would be great and could lead to the end of a hard 8 season trophy drought, although personally I believe seeing Higuain accompanied by David Villa next season for the gunners would be even better. Now we just have to wait and see if Arsene raises to the challenge.

  • bc says:

    I would like to see a vote with all the strikers we have been linked with. From memory that higuain villa rooney jovetic remy benteke ba sanogo michu. Perhaps allow people a first choice and a 2nd choice.

  • Prince Onipe Joe, From Kwara State, Nigeria says:

    To me both Higain and Villa are world class players. Any of them is a boast to our attacking formation, but please urgently sign Everton’s Feliaini and QPR goal stopper and see what the season has in stock for us. l expect Wenger as a seasoned economist to utilise the cash at his disposal wisely. ln few days’ time, our rivals would start jiltery because they know what the gunners can do. ln Arsene Wenger we trust! Fire for Fire next season.

  • Limpar's Wand says:

    Why not both?!

    • dukeofarsenal Malaysia says:

      Yeah…we have been given a warchest…why not get both?…we’ll give the others a run for their money & years of Critics…

  • JustJoy says:

    July 1st… Til then.

  • Jack the Ripper says:

    Get ready to be thrill !!! Don’t think Wenger going to buy any big names, again!

  • Mike says:

    Buying Higuin would be the start of a great future. C’mon wenger!!!! We know that you don’t like spending a lot so how about you buy Higuin and all the young talent you like this season. And then next year you buy more top class players and so on. In wenger I trust!

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