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Is this former Gunner having a laugh or what?

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Well he has been out of the limelight for a while now and someone has mistakenly rattled Stewart Robson’s cage.

The former Gunner has decided to point the finger of blame at Arsene Wenger for Robin van Persie wanting to quit the club.

Robson told talkSPORT hosts Hawksbee and Jacobs:

‘There is only one person to blame and that’s the manager.

‘His philosophy hasn’t been working in recent years.

‘He wanted to get in young players and build them up but it hasn’t worked because players want to leave when they’re not winning things.

‘The person who runs Arsenal is Arsene Wenger. The board don’t dictate to him, he dictates to them. So it’s his policy that they don’t want to spend big money and big wages.’

It seems to me that there is a little more behind this, as I honestly don’t think Wenger is to blame for RVP’s quit threat.

Van Persie alone decided to announce that he was ready to call it quits. He was not persuaded by anyone, as far as we know, and it was a choice he opted for.

Wenger has stood by Robin every single year, injury after injury, and yet he has been repaid by the Dutchman saying he wants to leave.

Let’s not forget Robson is a regular on Arsenal TV and really should be behind the club, not coming out and putting it more in the media spotlight.

In the same interview, after knocking Wenger, he went on to say how that it was good that the Frenchman had brought the players in early, as appose to leaving it last minute like last summer.

However, Robson went on to criticise Wenger, in regards to other players he has bought over the past few years:

‘They are paying big money to players who aren’t good enough, the likes of Denilson, Vela, Bendtner. And they can’t sell them because they’re being paid too much money. And who pays them that money? Arsene Wenger.’

I really don’t see how he can say that their wages are a stumbling block. It is simple in the case of Denilson, Sao Paulo couldn’t afford the transfer fee, but they are paying his wages in full.

Carlos Vela is likely to be sold to Real Sociedad, where he has spent the last 12 months on loan.

Then there is Nicklas Bendtner, who spent last season on loan with Sunderland, with the club paying his wages. It has nothing to do with the Dane’s wages. Nobody wants him simply because he is useless!

In my honest opinion, Robson is being nothing more than a petulant little child who is in need of a good hard slap. Hopefully the club and Wenger tell Robson that his services are no longer required.

The more we hear from him the better!

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  • lordgunner says:

    robson was let off by arsenal after lot of gooner fan sign a petition ( that i sign)to have him remove from arsenal TV because of his attack on the team without stop every week.
    he found his right place at talkshit because i never listen to it

  • Nick says:

    Take away Chelsea and City whose teams were built on deficit spending in the hundreds of millions, and it would still be Wenger and Fergie, representing two self-financing clubs, battling it out for the top spot. Face it, the man is a great manager. The comments above ignore the elephant in the room, that Man City, Chelsea, Barca and Real Madrid are the top of the heap because their books are each literally hundreds of millions, in the red. Don’t forget, Man City didn’t just build a team with their money, they dismantled a rival with it– Arsenal. Inter and Milan are also big deficit spenders. That money buys trophies. Of top CL teams in past 5 years only Manchester United Bayern Munich and Arsenal are in the black. In that context, I say, take a bow, Monsieur Wenger.

  • Uk says:

    Chris from cambridge, i’m with you all the way. Though i honestly don’t see anything honorable in wenger. Top 3 highest paid coach in the world(above even the coaches of moneybag teams) &d hypocrite complains about money invested by other teams. Those teams invest in the squad, arsenal invests in the coach who they are lead to believe can turn stone into diamond. A honorable coach like guardiola resigned, saving the club he loves, the money

  • dreday says:

    His criticism of Wenger is partially right but not totally cause I could sense anger from the choice of words which means he his partly beclouded by his emotions in his judgment. One thing is that these players are not useless, no! not one but somehow not well managed by Wenger. Why is Sao paolo still asking for denilson? why is bendtner the toast of the danish national team? why is carlos vela looking for a permanent move away from the emirates? These guys are good footballers but whatever is happening to them why they are under perfoming under wenger, only wenger and these guys can tell. Can someone say Ibrahimovich! yaya toure, Van bronchoist. Joel Campbell is on loan , Ryo michi (the japanese). These guys would become instant stars at different clubs.

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