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Is this former Gunner having a laugh or what?

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Well he has been out of the limelight for a while now and someone has mistakenly rattled Stewart Robson’s cage.

The former Gunner has decided to point the finger of blame at Arsene Wenger for Robin van Persie wanting to quit the club.

Robson told talkSPORT hosts Hawksbee and Jacobs:

‘There is only one person to blame and that’s the manager.

‘His philosophy hasn’t been working in recent years.

‘He wanted to get in young players and build them up but it hasn’t worked because players want to leave when they’re not winning things.

‘The person who runs Arsenal is Arsene Wenger. The board don’t dictate to him, he dictates to them. So it’s his policy that they don’t want to spend big money and big wages.’

It seems to me that there is a little more behind this, as I honestly don’t think Wenger is to blame for RVP’s quit threat.

Van Persie alone decided to announce that he was ready to call it quits. He was not persuaded by anyone, as far as we know, and it was a choice he opted for.

Wenger has stood by Robin every single year, injury after injury, and yet he has been repaid by the Dutchman saying he wants to leave.

Let’s not forget Robson is a regular on Arsenal TV and really should be behind the club, not coming out and putting it more in the media spotlight.

In the same interview, after knocking Wenger, he went on to say how that it was good that the Frenchman had brought the players in early, as appose to leaving it last minute like last summer.

However, Robson went on to criticise Wenger, in regards to other players he has bought over the past few years:

‘They are paying big money to players who aren’t good enough, the likes of Denilson, Vela, Bendtner. And they can’t sell them because they’re being paid too much money. And who pays them that money? Arsene Wenger.’

I really don’t see how he can say that their wages are a stumbling block. It is simple in the case of Denilson, Sao Paulo couldn’t afford the transfer fee, but they are paying his wages in full.

Carlos Vela is likely to be sold to Real Sociedad, where he has spent the last 12 months on loan.

Then there is Nicklas Bendtner, who spent last season on loan with Sunderland, with the club paying his wages. It has nothing to do with the Dane’s wages. Nobody wants him simply because he is useless!

In my honest opinion, Robson is being nothing more than a petulant little child who is in need of a good hard slap. Hopefully the club and Wenger tell Robson that his services are no longer required.

The more we hear from him the better!

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  • John says:

    I read somewhere he’d been sacked already a couple of months ago. I saw this as the reaction of a not very bright and immature bloke. Talksh!te lapping it up of course.

    • chris from Cambridge says:

      You may be right about that … I am not sure. What I am sure about(from within the Club) is that his criticisms are spot on, exactly correct and xxxxing right.

  • ogban says:

    Some people just get the kick from bashing Wenger. It is when the man has left that all Arsenal lovers would appreciate what they had under the present circumstances

  • joey says:

    Stuart Robson is a closet spud!!

  • groverider says:

    John is correct, Robsons’ contract with the club had been terminated recently after a petition from posters @ a cultured left foot. Needless to say those for whom knocking Arsenal is a lifestyle choice at le Groan saw robson as someone who they could lavish what paltry love still resides in their blackened twisted little raisin sized hearts and they did what they did best ie groaned..repetitively. Robson does seem to have an agenda against Wenger or genuinely doesn’t have anything good to say about him, fair enough but I agree that the club shouldn’t have to pay to hear it. maybe a column @ Le Groan awaits, there a match made in moany whiny sweary hatey heaven.

  • zdzis says:

    I’m actually surprised they put on with him so long. I don’t know how much worth he is as an analyst (haven’t watched his show at ArsenalTV), but as a pundit, he’s right next to a rather significant number of ex-Gunners who are completely useless when it comes to anything more than talking. Thinking doesn’t come in the package.
    TalkSport is really a fascinating place by itself, full of Arsene jokes, Arsenal puns… A recent “humour” column about “Messis” of the world, despite the Argentine not being even a remote possibility at Emirates EVER, couldn’t do without an Arsenal pun or two. And that’s just how it is: whenever they write of finances in football – there’s Wenger the Scrooge; whenever it’s about tactics – there’s Wenger the Halfwit; whenever they write about youth in football – there’s Wenger the Poacher. I’m rather happy (and surprised) there still are ex-Arsenal men that talk at least a little bit of sense when conversing with TalkSport journalists. Robson isn’t one of them, though.

  • Mike the max says:

    Great news that the twat Robson has been sacked. At some stage I feel we have to accept that in the goonersphere there are opposing views and whilst I find Robson offensive and a waste of space and air, I often read Le Grove where the articles are usually balanced but forget the comments.

    People will always have different opinions but as soon as we start fighting amongst ourselves how will we ever support the team. Last season the team really needed us and all sides of the support had to start pulling in the same direction then we came good. I hope we all learn from that lesson and don’t allow our Pre season to start with another damaging internal war where the fans depress the players again.

    P.S I am not blaming the fans infighting alone for the poor start but it certainly didn’t help.

  • Dennis10 says:

    Stewart Robson you twat. Wenger is a genious manager who is sought after all over the world and we are blessed to have him at the helm for so many memorable years he has given us. Piss off back to which ever rock you crawled out of Stewart Robson.

    • chris from Cambridge says:

      Genius Manager … yeah right. Flat wage structure, nil tactics, players used out of position, inadequate defence, won’t take advice from anyone. Don’t you fans realise … he only won so much in the earlier years when he still had the old back 4/5 ! Plus Keown and Campbell soon after. Since he followed his own pet philosophy … ZILCH. It’s not rocket science … just think about it.

      • Abouadnan says:

        Sorry man but you made yourself a joke. Could you please tell me which player of the starting lineup of the arsenal squad (specially the back 5) that went invincible in 2003–04 rather then Bergkamp was inherited by Wenger. I am not a blind Wenger supporter, But you should get you fact right before speaking (and apparently it is rocket science for you). Le prof made mistakes, who does not? i would like to see which manager would manage to do what Wenger has done while running on such a tight budget. Be aware, you do not know what you have until you lose it.

      • benitoNST says:

        u are an absoulte tw@t, my friend. why don’t u go back to your sheethole?

  • Scott (USA) says:

    Lots of opinions on Wenger but nobody can question his commitment to the Gunners. Arsenal is lucky to have him and he will go down as one of the greats. That is a fact. Arsenal plays great football. I am proud to be an Arsenal fan. COYG!!!

    • chris from Cambridge says:

      That’s true he is a man of honour, no argument. It’s just that top football has passed him by.

      • WAHOOLIGAN says:


  • bc says:

    I always remember robson stating on arsenal tv that he was not an arsenal fan. that was enough for me i dont do fans of other clubs. not for family as friends or work colleagues. life is much better if you only live work and party with arsenal fans and supporters that way you all have more than one thing in common. they share your pain and enjoy your delights together

  • Redhighbury says:

    God, some of you have got your heads so far up Wenger’s backside it’s unbelievable.

    As for RVP, I don’t blame the lad for wanting out. He has maybe 4/5 years left at the top of his game and he want’s to win things, which I am afraid is not under this current manager unless he changes his philosophy. Other teams have worked out how to play against Wenger’s brand of football and although it can be pleasing on the eye it will not win the EPL or the CL

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