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Why Arsenal should pursue this shot-stopper

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So after nearly eight years at Arsenal and several memorable blunders, Manuel Almunia has finally left the building, with second-choice shot-stopper Lukasz Fabianski likely to follow suit in the upcoming weeks.

So by the looks of it, we’ll only be left with one senior goalkeeper in Wojciech Szczesny, if Fabianski leaves, with youngster Damian Martinez expected to step up into the first-team fold next season.

However, with Almunia gone and Fabianski presumably going, would it be wise, despite Martinez’s talent, to acquire another shot-stopper to challenger Szczesny for the gloves? To answer my own question, yes, a body must be brought in, preferably someone with experience, is obviously good at what he does and ultimately, someone who can keep Woj on his toes.

Now there are a number of top quality goalkeepers out there, but I think one which Arsene Wenger and the club should push hard for is Villarreal’s Diego Lopez.

He is highly experienced at 30 years old, stands at 6’5’’, has great reflexes and commands his area superbly. These are just some reasons why we should target the Spaniard this summer. However, the main motive for us to try and sign Lopez is because Villarreal were relegated from La Liga this season. The Spanish club are likely to offload some of their star players in order to balance their books, while some of the squad will be looking for a new club, preferably one in the top flight. Lopez will more than likely be one of these players, and I’m guessing he wouldn’t cost much either due to the club’s drop from La Liga.

Would he come to Arsenal? I think so. He could certainly snatch the number one jersey away from Shezza

Would it be an astute signing from our club and Le Boss? Definitely.

This move would make a lot of sense and should be pursued.

I guess all we can do now is sit back and see what transpires this summer.

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  • frankie frankie says:

    I believe he signed for Seville yesturday.

  • Leite says:

    Definately sevilla,2 days ago,so dnt wish

  • Goona says:

    I think the bad publicity Almunia is receiving is totally unfair as he wasn’t as bad as some are making out, yes he made some blunders, but so do many of the top keepers, in fact he also made some breath taking saves incliuding penalties so let’s be fair about this and thank him for his services to Arsenal…..Cheers Al and good luck for the future…

    • Davi says:

      He was good enough in the 07/08 season when we should have won the title. It wasn’t his fault that we didn’t so that makes him a capable GK imo.

  • Stephen says:

    Epic fail article. He already sign for Sevilla, What a shame.

  • julius says:

    he is now sevilla goalie so forget him and find someone else.

  • bc says:

    Yet another freebie that has slipped away lopez weise adler kirkland all made moves for free in the last couple of weeks. either has someone in mind or he is simply going promote mannone to no.2 martinez to no.3 and shea to no.4 assuming obviously he is prepared to let fabianski at all. remember we also released mcdermott as well as almunia.

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