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Former Arsenal skipper urges RVP to stay put

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Speaking as an Arsenal fan, Cesc Fabregas has told Robin van Persie to stay with the Gunners.

The Spanish midfielder quit the north London club last summer in favour of a move to his boyhood club Barcelona, but recently urged the 28-year-old Dutchman to remain with the Gunners and, get this, help them win trophies – pretty rich coming from you wouldn’t you say Cesc?

The 24-year-old Spanish international was quoted in the Telegraph saying:

‘As an Arsenal fan I would be happy if he stayed in London to help Arsenal win titles.’

Another summer transfer saga is likely to ensue at Arsenal, this time with Van Persie. With only one year left to run on his current contract and no immediate signs of putting pen to paper on a new deal, The Dutchman has been linked with a move away from The Emirates, with Manchester City and Real Madrid, among others, all reportedly chasing the Gunners captain.

It’s nice to hear Cesc say this, but it’s a bemusing statement to say the least considering Arsenal and the fans were saying the same thing about him last season!

Cesc you are no longer an Arsenal player and have lost a lot of respect from us in the manner in which you left. So in future I suggest and would appreciate that you keep your opinions and thoughts to yourself.

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  • I know cecs is gunner fan,everybody has is own star if cecs will know that he well not cary any toruphy he will not level arsenal so so with that R V P shuld lenre from mestake so R V P the ball is in your court have a wadaful season.

  • GumbiGumbi says:

    Is he the right person to make such a call or he wants to get cheap points from disillusioned fans? Hypocrisy at its best.

  • Vide misebezi says:

    We dont nid cesc contribution over th issue of our captain rvp. Wether he stays or he follows wat he(cesc) did is entirly upto him. Hs very much entitled to issue out his own oppinio bt to say th least it dose’nt make any dfrent and he ws supozd to hv shat his damn mouth

  • tissiam says:

    the guy is trying to protect himself just in case rvp leaves he will be able to tell everyone who wants to listen that he wanted him to stay!!remenber cesc pics on twitter when we were going a very rough patch hypocrite!

  • Wengerbhoyz says:

    Listen guys, it’s like this, cesc is expressing his opinion only as an arsenal fan! And that’s final, no need to criticize him, he has been a great and loyal player to the gunners for long enough, you can’t blame the guy for going back to his hometown club and probably the best team the world has ever seen period!

    • Gaddiel Gunner says:

      loyal????? Man, loyalty is best displayed during unfavorable and hard times-what most fans are! Sticking close when the darkness still persist and saying ‘there is light at the end of the tunnel’ is loyalty. Cesc obviously does not fit there.

      • David says:

        He only gave us 8 years, 5 of which he was dubbed “world class” for and could of walked into any teams starting line up and actually won trophies. The guy was loyal. He didn’t move for money he moved to go home. The only problem with Cesc was he is loyal to Barcelona more than he is Arsenal.
        He had a girlfriend he loved (Barcelona) moved on, fell in love with Arsenal, then she came back into his life, and he couldn’t get her out of his head so followed his heart and went back to her. Simples.
        Nasri is unloyal

  • Vide misebezi says:

    Mention of loyalty is total crap! These guys hv never bin loyal,im seek n tired of seeing this scenario of using arsenal as a ladder for players to other big clubs. Ths strategy is’nt workng right for us thts why wv gone on a dry spale in terms of collectng any trophy for over 7yrs.we nid to stop ths developmental thng n stat enganging player whv got th hunger for madles not players who coms to showcase their talent and wen they hav reach th tym that we nid them to win somthng for th club, they leave in th name of seachng for trophies elsewhr. No loyalty at all

  • Kosgei Aloysius. says:

    Look here! Wenger wasted time tryin 2 hold both Fab. n Nasri. He ended up confused on da last hr! The same ‘shit’ is happening with rvp. If he wants to quit fine lets wait 4 sm1 else probably Jack nxt sison. Lets get usd to it after all arsenal don’t go 4 silverware!!

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