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Time for Wenger to change strategy and philosophy

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Time, as they say, is one unit that many humans underestimate or maybe care less about. You could either plan for a meeting to take place at 2pm only for associates to report 15 minutes late and maybe, just maybe, you had a plane to catch at exactly 3pm.

Well, it is now vivid that Money is the substitute to time, you throw it (money) around and it will almost certainly counter time. This explains why the Abu Dhabi’s expensively assembled squad has risen over the time oriented youth policy of Arsene Wenger’s regime. What I mean to say is, Wenger should systematically, but gradually, change his policy to suit the modern world.

As we have seen youth will only bring you closer to success only to be lured away by money when they are almost ready to deliver. This however does not mean going overboard in spending, but going for proven talent that are already prepared to deliver.

Wenger has also been keen to add French or French-speaking players, making Arsenal almost a French national team.

In recent windows, however, I have noted the addition of German players, something that comes to no surprise at all to me and which is also a positive sign toward getting rid of the less loyal French players.

Let’s hope that Wenger is learning and builds a less youthful and more multilingual squad in seasons to come.

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  • gooner111 says:

    shut up, seriously.

  • TT says:

    Not sure what the logic is behind this?

    Are you saying that money directly translates into success?

    If so given that we will never spend 400M on transfers and 250M on wages, we will certainly lose anyway, just not as badly.

    I’m not saying you are wrong, just pointing out the flaw in your logic. The more directly you believe money=success, the less chance of winning unless we spend MORE than Manchester City, which isn’t going to happen, unless their sugar-daddies get bored.

  • ogban says:

    The best and most loyal players to have donned the Arsenal shirt in the last 15 years have been French.
    Just because of Nasri is not enough to brand them as disloyal. Before Nasri there was a certain ‘Cashley’ Cole!

  • flo says:

    what a waste of TIME this article is!!

  • Ernest says:

    Rem the Flaminis,the clichy’s,nasri’s Galla’s and most recently viera himself who snubbed Arsenal for a certain part of development in Manchester.Some1 please mention 1 player who was disloyal who isn’t French

  • Ernest says:

    And please take note of the words systematic but gradually’ i hope it helps some1 understand.

  • hak zah says:

    hahah,utter rubbish and clueless analysis

  • Ernest says:

    I mean,there’s a difference btwn buying a 21yr old and a 27 yr old right?.There’s a huge difference between buying Arjen Robben and buying Eden Hazard.Buy Harzard today and when he’s 24 he wants to leave.

  • John says:

    Thanks for the laugh, keep ’em coming. Maybe you could give your intelligent views on train spotting next time?

  • tissiam says:

    was your ex girlfriend who dumped you for you better off friend FRENCH??useless,why dont you go on holidays or break instead of filling blank space with utter rubbish?

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