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Bye bye Bendtner! You won’t be missed!

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To quote Tinie Tempah, it’s been written in the stars for quite sometime now – Nicklas Bendtner IS ready to quit Arsenal in search of a ‘new challenge’.

The troublesome Dane has been on loan at Sunderland all season and is set to return to Arsenal after tomorrow’s game against Manchester United, and it seems Martin O’Neill is not particularly keen to sign the 24-year-old on a permanent deal.

But his future at Arsenal seems all but over, with the north London club ready to dump the Danish international, and a move to Germany highly likely to ensue this summer.

Bendtner was quoted in the Daily Mail recently, saying:

‘I am ready for new challenges.

‘I have heard about concrete interest from other clubs, who sound interesting, but I can’t say more than that right now. After all, I am still under contract with Arsenal, so I have to get back to Arsenal and talk to them first.’

Despite the very slim possibility of been given more regular first-team football at Arsenal next season, Bendtner believes it is time to depart the club for pastures new.

He went onto say:

‘On the specific matter of staying with Arsenal, I have to say I need something new to happen for me. There is no panic thinking about my future. Now, it’s all about Euro 2012 for Denmark and afterwards I can look at my club future.’

Not to sound crude, but you won’t be missed Bendtner. I’m glad you’ve finally realised that you have no future at Arsenal; the season-long loan to Sunderland was a massive hint mate, good to know you’ve figured it out and taken it.

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  • Maverick says:

    Shame really, if he kept his mouth shut and his ego under control and worked hard instead of messing around he has the quality to be a good striker, after alll he scored some vital goals for us when he was the only striker we had when everyone was injured….but his attitude stinks. Same with Vela he keeps on partying and doesnt work hard but he has an easy life in Spain but now he does wanna come back to Arsenal……………its all good we have had far better players than them both leaving and we have managed so good riddance to bad rubbish i say!!

  • bob says:

    Bendtner is the worlds 2nd biggest cunt-Behind Stuart Pearce.

  • Mike says:

    More of the same shit from this site. The blokes been at Arsenal for years (probably since you were in short trousers but the childish rubbish you write). You could at least wish him well.

    Bye, bye gunnersphere. My last visit to this site. Bendtners certainly done more for AFC then you ever will

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