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Is there a reason for Theo’s low key performances this season?

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There was a time when Lionel Messi wouldn’t shine at all for Argentina, while in those same days he was actually making headlines at Barcelona.

Fans in Argentina even started to doubt his love for his nation until recently when he proved his critics wrong.

You’re probably sitting there thinking ‘what is he getting at?’ Well I ask, has any Arsenal fan doubted Walcott’s ability before? Or have any of you doubted his love for Arsenal? Well, if you haven’t I bet some have.

However, whatever your take is on Walcott’s recent performances will be, the question remains – Is there a reason for his low key performances this season?

The answer is simple. Walcott has been hugely affected by the sale of Cesc Fabregas.

Since the Spaniard’s departure to Barcelona last summer, Arsenal have lacked a world class playmaker capable of making things happen, which has the ability to draw opposition out of position and making the well timed splitting passes for wingers and strikers alike to take care of. This has in turn diminished the most powerful weapon the English winger possesses – speed.

I bet you will all agree with me that Theo isn’t the kind of winger who likes to face defenders one on one because he lacks that trickery to beat them, but he is a player who likes to run into defence cutting passes and then let the defenders chase him.

Aaron Ramsey is still learning the art of providing the killer passes, Mikel Arteta might possess the skill but he’s often deployed as deep lying midfielder alongside Alex Song, whilst for Tomas Rosicky – although I think he might be a master at this – has not been playing much in recent seasons. So maybe, just maybe, Arsene Wenger hasn’t figured this out yet, or perhaps he hasn’t developed the required connections with Theo.

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  • Jimbo says:

    Theo has been one of the best midfielders in the country this season. Why do people keep having to stir and create trouble every single day? He is an invaluable member of the team just like any other. If he was Torres then you would be right to grumble.
    If you look at his number of goals and assists, then he is comparable to Bale, although it’s important to remember that Bale dived for several of his assists.
    So I wish I knew what the hell people were on about.
    It beggars belief. There would be some quarters that would want to destabilise a player. They would potentially be agents or other competing clubs. But not from your own club, honestly. Don’t you remember him rip Spuds to shreds a couple of weeks ago? Get Real..

  • Adam says:


  • berk camp says:

    Erghhh …. Adam you know Jimbos right you spud!

  • Max says:

    Why do people criticise walcott? Hes been one of our best players this season. Most of the goals that RVP has netted this season have been assisted by either of the two wingers. Agreed walcott is not the player who would run towards defenders and skive past em, but he has pace and its not like hes totally useless or something. Hes been good and most of all hes a gooner through and through. So gooners stop takin a jibe at him and instead support him.

  • Adam says:

    Actually Berk I wrote that in response to the article and not Jimbo’s point. Not that a cretin like you would notice.

  • Mike the max says:

    Not only has he lost Fabregas putting great balls through to him, he has had to provide lots of defensive cover when we had no full backs, playing deeper than normal, with half an eye on getting back if needed. His assists are fantastic this season and when he gets service, like in the spuds game he is without equal. If anybody has missed Wiltshire its Theo.

  • nicky says:

    Regardless of how good Walcott is, you are so right about his inability to cope with defenders one on one. If he can get past them he’s away but if they stand their ground, there’s a problem. This is probably why he yearns to play more centrally as a striker, feeding off defence-splitting passes.
    I’m sure Wenger is working on this.

  • JohnW says:

    If you want to know whether Theo is a good player or not, compare his stats with Gareth Bale and Aaron Lennon this season, then you will know his worth.

  • slugboy says:

    Its his inconsistency people are grumbling about. Great some weeks and rubbish the next. As a winger he cannot get past people, which is a real problem. people keep banging on about him being a striker. He is completely anonymous when used in this position

  • Darcy996 says:

    I just hope he becomes more consistent than as of late

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