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10 things you SHOULD know about Arsenal v Newcastle

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Here 10 things you should know about Arsenal and Newcastle prior to kick-off later this evening:

1. Last season at St. James’ Park, Arsenal were 4-0 up at half time but drew the match 4-4. The Gunners became the first team ever to throw away a four goal lead in the Premier League.

2. The last time these two sides met debutant Gervinho was sent off.

3. Arsenal have received three red cards in their last three meetings with Newcastle.

4. Robin van Persie has found the net four times in his last five games against The Magpies.

5. Arsenal are currently on a seven game unbeaten run in the Premier League, notching up 15 points out of a possible 21 since their last defeat, which came against Manchester United back in January.

6. The Magpies are unbeaten in their last three meetings with Arsenal.

7. Out of 18 Premier League games with Arsenal, Newcastle have just won two.

8. Alan Pardew’s side have picked up eight points in their last five Premier League games – two wins, two draws and a heavy 5-0 away defeat to Spurs.

9. Arsenal have netted 55 goals and have conceded 38 in 27 Premier League games, while Newcastle have scored and conceded 39 respectively so far this season.

10. Van Persie is Arsenal’s top goal scorer with 25 league goals. Theo Walcott and Mikel Arteta are runners-up with five. While Newcastle’s top scorer is Demba Ba with 16, behind him his Leon Best with four.

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  • Phil K says:

    Some things you have avoided mentioning ?
    That there have been several undeserved sendings of of Newcastle players v. Arsenal ? Jenas, Ginola spring to mind.
    You quietly ignore the sendings off of Gervinho and the charcter in the 4-4 were fully deserved reds
    Considering that you Arsenal fans are still whining about the penatlty in our 3-1 win at Highbury in 2003 this isn’t surprising – Campbell hauled down Robert from BEHIND in the PENALTY area…maybe Arsenal players have done swan dives so often for pens, you now don’t know what actually constitites a p0enalty anymore, perhaps ?
    That we got two pens …..come on. For chrissakes an Arsenal fan complaining about someone else getting dodgy pens ?
    Thats like Hitler accusing the Allies of being anti-Semetic !!!!!

  • Gooner says:

    Phil K you are a stupid cunt, have you seen the amount of non-penalties given against us recently? I can’t remember the last time we were given a soft one but always get clear cut ones denied. He didn’t even moan about Newcastle at all you inbred twat.

  • Gooner says:

    P.S. Newcastle are a shitty small club, what have you ever won? Piss of out of our blogs

  • irish gooner says:

    phil im sorry but the 4-4 was all down to phil dowd and not the newcastle players,,and sol campbell got the ball cleanly,robert just took a dive,i can still remember it,vieira shown a second yellow for getting the ball,,we were robbed that night aswell

  • bob james says:

    oh my….
    When did it turn out Arsenal turn out to be Manchester United.And what a coincidence Web the Manure fan and ref is officiating this 1…
    Never knew that even Newcastle have classless fans….

  • joel says:

    Phil K… i seriously things you have post world war issues … go get some therapy !!

  • Phil K says:

    All the whining – and the ref gives the gunners a little hand…..5 minutes ? Bollocks.
    Bob James – if you want “classless” how about a bunch of fans that turn on their manager after several trophies because they’re only in “the top 5”?
    Yeah. Arsenal fans. (and maybe Man Yoo or Liverpool)
    When we do it against the BOARD – we’re the worlds worst – when we’re at the other end of the league.
    But when Man U or Liverpool turn on their board, they’re “correct” when Arsenal start calling for the head of Arsene, ah well….
    Irishgooner…what a load of biased crap.
    Joel – Im answering you in the same mode. You lot are whining that you’re hard done to, and seeing only your side. Red cards are only for other teams no matter how sodding blatant, you forget your own dodgy pens. A tackle from behind in the area ISNT a pen if done by an Arsenal player.
    Christ ! Even Man Yoo fans don’t have their heads so far up their own arses – not as much anyway.

  • Phil K says:

    Sorry for being so snappy – disappointment.
    But thats all we ever get. Ally that with the National and Manchester press forever spitefully having a dig at us (the complete opposite of what they do for Liverpool fans, so to speak) and then you read a club who has had great success over the years moaning and whining because they had a dodgy pen against them – had a couple of their players sent off (odd how it’s went from a couple of acts of utter stupidity to being totally innocent, eh ? Easier – and more dishonest – to blame bad boy Barton)
    All Im saying is, don’t keep reading the London press and thinking they’re doing anything other than saying what you people want to hear. It ain’t so. Your team is as guilty as any other. As much sinning as sinned against.

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