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Could our relationship with Wenger ultimately cost him his job?


It appears not even a day can go buy without an Ex-Arsenal player sticking his knife in at his former club. This time it’s the turn of Stewart Robson who feels the need to come out and comment, not about a specific player, but yep you guessed it Arsene Wenger.

Speaking to talkSPORT a few days ago, Robson said:

‘Ivan Gazidis said at the beginning of the season in one of the general meetings that we will never get rid of Arsene Wenger, he is here for life, although if the relationship with the supporters becomes so bad we might have to look at it again.

‘Well I think the relationship with supporters is getting worse. Their reaction to the [Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain] substitution wasn’t just about that, it was because they are unhappy with how the season has gone so far.’

The problem we (as a club) face currently are injury problems, which seem to get a lot of year in, year out. However, now we don’t have the backup because even these players are sidelined. It is a very poor season, I agree with everyone about that. Is Wenger to blame for this? To an extent yes, but injuries haven’t helped our cause.

You could argue that we haven’t bought in the players to resolve this issue and the truth is I don’t have a lot I can say about that. We desperately need to bring in some players, especially with the news that Jack Wilshere has suffered an injury setback. The Arsenal fans want signings, they want someone at the club to put their hands in their pockets and spend some cash on certain players to resolve these issues. However, once again another transfer window has gone by and if we’re planning on signing anyone now it will more than likely be on deadline day.

There comes a time that even the most dedicated of Arsenal supporters will have to question the clubs ambition because we NEVER spend any money. Yes we have got the likes of Nicholas Yennaris, who has come through from the academy, but these players are few and far between. Arsenal have to put everything into the FA Cup now. No excuses, no make shift teams, we need to be in it 110% to win it and the players need to realise this.

The FA Cup is our only realistic chance of success this season and we have to get through a tricky game against Villa tomorrow. Arsenal FC have a chance to salvage the relationship between Wenger and the fans by winning the game and progressing, but they need to realise it’s not just about one match it’s about EVERY FA Cup game and EVERY Premier League match from here on out. In my opinion, Arsenal have got two main objectives this season:

1) Win the FA Cup (if I’m honest, I’d prefer that over finishing fourth) and 2) Finish in the top four of the Premier League.

Is Stewart Robson right in what he said? Yes. The relationship between Wenger and the fans is at an all time low. Did it need saying? No, not in my opinion. People need to keep these kind of comment out of the press; it creates a negative atmosphere amongst fans and the club. Deliver a trophy and all will be forgotten, as long as we build on it, we cannot finish this season empty handed and we must finish fourth. But, as Arsenal fans, which is most important to you? Would you rather Arsenal finish fourth and have another trophyless season or win the FA Cup and finish outside the Champions League qualification spots?

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