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Frustrated keeper to consider Arsenal future in January

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Last season, when we needed a goalkeeper we could rely on, Lukasz Fabianski didn’t look the part in many fans’ eyes. However, when he was called upon, the 26-year-old Pole delivered, and many believed that he was on his way to solve Arsenal’s goalkeeping problem, but unfortunate shoulder injury kept him out of action for 9 months. This, unfortunately for Lukasz, paved the way for his national compatriot Wojciech Szczesny to step into the spotlight and Fabianski has not been seen since.

Lukasz Fabianski, who returned to first-team action for the Gunners in the Carling Cup victory over Shrewsbury a few weeks ago, believes he can overthrow Szczesny as the club’s No.1, but admits he will consider leaving the club in January if his situation doesn’t change.

To me, the situation doesn’t look like changing, as Szczesny has proven to the manager and fans that he is their best keeper at their disposal. However, with Szczesny suffering a recent back injury, Fabianski may have a chance to prove himself once again:

Fabianski said:

‘That injury brought me back to the beginning. It hurts, because I was No.1 and I lost that place not through poor form but through injury, which didn’t let me play for 9 months.’

‘I have to fight from the beginning now and I think I can win it. Wojciech [Szczesny] wouldn’t be here now if it wasn’t for that incident in January. I can’t complain though, that’s football.’

Arsene Wenger has publicly stated that Szczesny is now his first-choice stopper, which means Fabianski may be forced to leave the Emirates because he believes his Euro 2012 ambitions are being blighted by a lack of action at Arsenal.

The Pole went on to say:

‘I know that if my situation doesn’t change by January, I will be thinking about it [leaving Arsenal].’

‘I’d have to, because I want to go to the Euros.’

‘That’s the only way I can convince the national team coach, by playing well and regularly.’

‘[But] I don’t want to think about this now, because we have couple of months until the transfer window. Until then all I can do is work hard in training and take the chances I get.’

To be fair, Lukasz has a point. If Fabianski never picked up an injury, Szczesny may have never been given the number one spot. In fact, he could have been where Fabianski is now – sitting on the bench.

However, Fabianski’s decision to leave – if he doesn’t receive first-team football – may be a big worry for Asrenal – especially if/when our other goalies pick up injuries, which means we may need him. Even though we have a good choice of young talent in this area in the likes of Mannone to call upon, Fabianski has the one thing he doesn’t – Premier League experience, and if it does get to the point that we were in last season where Lehmann had to come out of retirement, we may see Almunia back in goal if we do get injuries, as the pecking order will be shortened.

So, in my opinion, the possible departure of Fabianski will be very bad for Arsenal. The fact that both he and Szczesny play for the same country means he really wants to play to prove himself to the manager and fans. He may not get the starting role in goal for Poland, as their coach will see Szczesny as the better option due to his regularity in goal for Arsenal.

Most importantly, if Lukasz does leave, Arsenal will once again be labelled for what they are known by pundits as – the team that grooms players and sells them when they are at their best.

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huge Arsenal fan, love the team and all that comes with it.follower of all kinds of sports, football being my first love, yet to attend my first arsenal game but i am planning too, some time in the not to distant future. i enjoy writing as well, that's how i ended up here, never looked back....


  • Gooner Sam says:

    Flapianski is a decidedly dodgy keeper, I would not be that upset if we lost him…is Manone any worse?? I’m not so sure

  • MZ says:

    We have Manone as a great back up. hes great! All you guys need to remember is the fulham match to show how great mannone is….

  • Taaza says:

    Yes Mannone is a good goalie, but we can’t rate him from just one good game,we need to see him in action more often as being talented without experience will limit how far he can really go.

  • embryo says:

    chesney took his chance, Flappy proved unreliable, let him go if he wants, Manone can’t be any worse. the problem with Keepers is that you only need one until there is an injury, they can’t play anywhere else. tough but true

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