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Critics will never learn will they

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‘Robin Van Persie!’ is the name being shouted out on every street from South B of Nairobi to London, from the north to the west, where no doubt Chelsea are preparing a tactical plan to stop the Dutchman this Saturday.

I am not by any way surprised now, that critics have already created a slogan, this being ‘ARSENAL ARE A ONE MAN TEAM’.

Indeed this may be true, Robin is the main man at Arsenal, as a matter of fact I panic when he isn’t in the starting 11. However, I am sure other fans would panic if say Rooney, Ronaldo, Messi or Modric weren’t in the starting 11 of their respective teams, right?

I think every club has got an exceptional player in their squad, one that is their talisman and above the rest. However, a conclusion based on a given game and without the appropriate facts to back it up is in my opinion ‘nonsense’. I watched the game against Stoke and I can tell you that the entire back four were solid. Laurent Koscielny in particular was on top of his game. Gervinho was up there too, I think it was his possibly his best game for us since his arrival. He scored one and assisted both of Van Persie’s goals.

Trust me when I tell you that this team has a fantastic spirit and attitude, and they have all very good qualities about them. So the critics can talk all they want during the day because come the night they will all surely be put to bed.

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  • peter says:

    I live in South B and the only people who think that way are non arsenal supporters.

  • right_mr says:

    Love it! Used to go past South B reasonably often…When Cesc was on the pitch 2 seasons ago (RVP was injured for most of the season) we were a one man team then as well…ie cesc fabregas.

    Gervinho I think will really start impressing…

    Hope wenger sometimes lets Arshavin play in the hole late on in games, we could do some damage. My main fear though is I get a bit panicky about his ability to track back…

  • Duke says:

    It takes time to gel as a team, i can see the players putting in their best, it’s just a matter of time, once they click wow, the heaven’s will be their limit. Up gunners!

  • Ernest says:

    True Duke!,very true.

  • stanley blackburn says:

    duke u are definitely wright.dis team will gel soon,but we need more addition in milfield,a defender and a goal machine in january dat will help dis team to shoot to high esteem.surely we need a goal machine to help robin van persie to score more of goals of his life cos van persie is a goal warrior and a finisher,also he is d best striker in d whole world.i luv van persie cos @ times in my house my kids do call me van persie.i luv arsenal wit passion.

  • Chris Mayavi says:

    Hahahaa!! “from South B in Kenya …” ,you just cudnt help bt mention ur hood,thats wea i stick too.hp u realise all the beasts from the south wil comment just 2 let u know they were here? …wel am no different.
    Nice article though quite short n yep lets hp the boys gel ASAP. Cheerz

  • Ernest says:

    Cheers Chris

  • TheBean says:

    It’s amazing to look back over the negative press Wenger received during the first half of the season. Although I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried after those initial string of defeats, I can happily (and proudly) say I never chanted for Wenger’s head.

    Romantically, I believe it was Henry’s return that changed everything. After he came on and scored that goal…it was upwards from then on. The team is just starting to gel (as you point out) and I’m hoping we can retain RVP and get AT LEAST three MASSIVE signings for next season.

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