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Is it really Wenger’s fault?

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Well it happened again, Arsenal were beaten by a lesser team.

The Gunners were left stunned after Blackburn picked up an unthinkable 4-3 win at Ewood Park, Sounds familiar right?

Last season we drew 4-4 with Newcastle in an encounter I would rather forget. Fast forward this season and we were thrashed 8-2 by Manchester United, a score line I believe even a League Two side wouldn’t have accepted.

What hurts me is that everyone pinpoints Arsenal’s shortcomings on Arsene Wenger. But I wonder, why these selected people don’t question the players on the pitch? Why on earth doesn’t anyone question their commitment, morale, loyalty and performances? There’s no doubt that we have a lot of quality amongst our team. A team I believe would win any game. However, I think this Wenger bashing has gone far enough and it’s about time it stops. Some of these players need to step up their game; some of them can’t even be called professionals, even with the quality they possess. They should be ashamed of themselves. Every time, after an Arsenal game, I read in the papers that we either pick up a red card, our defence is dodgy or concede unimaginable goals and then come the end of the season some of the culprits want to leave the club.

I am sorry to say this, and some of you may disagree with me, but it wasn’t Wenger’s fault yesterday, but rather that of our players who aren’t focused on winning and just want to use Arsenal as a stepping stone.

The players are letting Wenger down and they all need to realize this and do something about it.

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  • WC says:

    It’s the manager’s job to find and motivate his players. When the banks failed the US economy in 2008 why didn’t they put every single employee on trial? Why only those in charge of the bank? Because the one who is in charge is the one who shoulders all the responsibility for the entire company. When they fail as a unit, it’s the man/woman responsible for them that has to answer questions.

    Fergie would never accept these results. He’d bench Rooney if he wasn’t up to par. He spent 30M on Berba and half the time he never even touched the field. While I hate Fergie and everything Man Utd, you have to give Fergie credit for not being spineless and for making mediocre players believe they are world class. When have you seen/heard Wenger demanding excellence from his team? He always sounds diplomatic and soft and that translates into his team.

    So yes it’s Arsene’s fault because he has failed to kick the players up the backside when they need it.

  • eldiablo says:

    the players are the ones in the pitch,Wenger tells them what to do..if you really analyse the game against blackburn;Arsenal dominated the entire game and the goals were great! but in the other end of the park when it came to defending the defenders were doing their job quite well….Song’s own goal was just unlucky and NO ONE can deny that, then Koscienly own goal was very unlucky too…plus there was an off-side goal by Yakubu so….what the hell..they were just very lucky,that game should have been a 3-1 win to Arsenal all the way !! man of the match was Robinson on goal for Blackburn…Arsenal needs a boost now and the onyl way they will get it is from us the fans…stop giving negative messages and start supporting the team you love or then you are not a real Arsenal fan at all ! IN THE GOOD OR BAD TIMES IM STILL AN ARSENAL FAN ALL THE WAY !

  • Uk says:

    Just the kind of post u’d expect from an AKB. I guess the players bring themselves to the club too, or pick the team for the matches, &they also are the ones who said this is the best arsenal team of the wenger era. Fucking AKB bullshit

  • sam says:

    ryo miyaichi was better than arshavin in pre-season is now stuck in the reserves.
    alex chamberlain who’s clearly better winger than walcott, again stuck in the reserves.
    we are playing 4-3-3 system with fake wingers and fake lone striker and expect to get away with it.
    yes the team needs time to blend but if wenger still picking up the wrong team we won’t win anything.

  • Ernest says:

    The truth be told,as much as one can say Arsenal were unlucky,lets face it Man u wont be Unlucky in that way so why should it be Arsenal?.Trust me,you will change ur thinking and false hopes when the same repeats itself for atleast 3 more times,i think next time u wont say it’s unlucky.Just for the record,the word Unlucky doesn’t exist in true champions.

  • Ernest says:

    I believe everyone is entitled to opinions but trust me,true champions dont have the word ‘Unlucky’ in their dictionary.Those perfomances are just lack focus.Trust me you will never see Barcelona do that.

  • critic says:

    yeah, it’s as if nobody cares on the pitch.

  • Felix says:

    I am comforted to find a Blogger who doesn’t take the easy route “Sack wenger!!” but decided to analyze arsenal’s performance and pick out the problems rather than go about whining why we didn’t get samba, cahill or baines.

    The players don’t seem to know in what team they are playing and I bet you, bring Kneown to coach and defensive compartment and not just that but: to also teach these kids what it means to play for the Arsenal.

    We are not spuds or some other mediocre mid table team, we are the Gooners!!!

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