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Is it really Wenger’s fault?

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Well it happened again, Arsenal were beaten by a lesser team.

The Gunners were left stunned after Blackburn picked up an unthinkable 4-3 win at Ewood Park, Sounds familiar right?

Last season we drew 4-4 with Newcastle in an encounter I would rather forget. Fast forward this season and we were thrashed 8-2 by Manchester United, a score line I believe even a League Two side wouldn’t have accepted.

What hurts me is that everyone pinpoints Arsenal’s shortcomings on Arsene Wenger. But I wonder, why these selected people don’t question the players on the pitch? Why on earth doesn’t anyone question their commitment, morale, loyalty and performances? There’s no doubt that we have a lot of quality amongst our team. A team I believe would win any game. However, I think this Wenger bashing has gone far enough and it’s about time it stops. Some of these players need to step up their game; some of them can’t even be called professionals, even with the quality they possess. They should be ashamed of themselves. Every time, after an Arsenal game, I read in the papers that we either pick up a red card, our defence is dodgy or concede unimaginable goals and then come the end of the season some of the culprits want to leave the club.

I am sorry to say this, and some of you may disagree with me, but it wasn’t Wenger’s fault yesterday, but rather that of our players who aren’t focused on winning and just want to use Arsenal as a stepping stone.

The players are letting Wenger down and they all need to realize this and do something about it.

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  • samuel says:

    Exactly right Ernest about some Arsenal players who are mere passengers in the team,namely Arshavin,Walcott,Sagna and Ramsey ,so when will Arteta and ben Ayoun start every match ,giving them time to get to know each others play,instead of rubbish Theo and Arshavin and where,s Ryo Miyaichi and Chung Park as they can,t be any worse than Ramsey ,in midfield ,Arsene can only take the blame for so long ,it,s the players pick
    ed for a specific match that can,t deliver?

  • Joe says:

    Fualt his 4rm wenger, wenger has been arsenal greatest problem from 2005. I cannot be proud of gunners anymore.

    • rorzee says:

      cant really have been a big problem if hes guaranteed us champions league football every season since then, ok the team might have lost it since the carling cup final, but thats the teams fault. its not even all the players either, sagna, van persie, vermaelen, walcott, even arshavin has stayed loyal to the team. and there is also the youngsters who chose arsenal instead of getting signed up for other academies. its the players like nasri and clichy who held this team back, but also gave it its heartbeat.

  • suswam says:

    its wengers fault,he cudnt sign on tyme.u cnt expect d players 2 blend in 4 matches,moreover he signd does morons he calls players lyk arshavin nd adjourou,even wacott.

  • Rohit says:

    Which player plays for arsenal depends on wenger. He buys them, if they don’t/can’t perform its definitively wenger’s problem b/c he is the one who bought them into arsenal.

  • i’m speech less we just need more confident on the feild, stll leave for us.

  • shi says:

    It’s not Wenger’s fault. The players should live up to the expectation and the faith the manager put in them. It is high time to put Chamakh or Chu Yong Park to play.Give Arshavin adn Walcott a break for a while. Santos is good as well. I believe in two weeks time they will start doing well. We should all be behind the team and the manager. United we stand, divided we fall.

  • jayj says:

    So that why we have an abundance of talent sitting on the bench? It’s Wengers fault for buying mediocre players like djourou. Remember Almunia, wenger did noting to address the issue 2 a half seasons with this joker between the sticks. Denilson wow what a buy. Wake up morons and smell the crap because thats all thats left. RVP will leave come the summer and I cant blame him.

  • Max says:

    Everytime There is a setpiece, an overwhelming sense of worry/panic comes over me, and I’m sure the players feel it too. Maybe they should invest in some world class sport psychologists to talk them through this self doubt. These guys are just an emotional wreck, and they seem as nervous as a hooker in church when its set peice time.

  • jayj says:

    oxo cube 15mils worth cant play yet, but the potential and I believe crap oozing from Wenger, oh how about the campbell with no work permit, Jenkinson came from playing none league to EPL. remember before the 8-2 mauling OT disaster Wenger didn’t want sign anyone, the board was happy counting the cash and Slient Stan was moaning due to 25mil he could lose on Nasri. Gazidis telling porkies “It will be a busy transfer window”, he waits any longer signing players he may get a full set of hair. Wenger refused to sign established players and yet gambled 15 mil on oxo. Well done mate!!!!

  • lex says:

    I for one am so glad someone finally wrote a blog that backs our manager, I agree with every single word where are the players that realise that this club can do so much more & be so much more last year were “close” to barcelona this year we are probably more like west brom than barcelona but people cannot blame the manager, blame the board that won’t pay the wages for a player like vidic & leave us with djourou’s of the world blame the board that won’t buy a player worth £30 & pay him £150,000 a week.

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