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Aaron Ramsey – proof that what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger


Arsenal’s Welsh midfielder Aaron Ramsey must have feared for his career after he suffered a double leg break in Arsenal’s game with Stoke on the 27th February 2010. The Welshman has now made a full recovery and scored his first Arsenal goal since the injury in the 1-0 victory over Manchester United recently. Ramsey is now the captain of the Welsh national team which, coupled with the fact he plays for one of the biggest clubs in Europe, suggests his future in football is once again looking bright. Ramsey made his return to the Britannia Stadium yesterday, fifteen months on from the day he suffered his horrific injury and the 20 year old will have put some demons to rest.

To suffer a broken leg at eighteen years old and with little football experience under his belt will have put Ramsey’s mental toughness to the test. However, judging from his display against Man United it seems to have made the Welshman stronger and more determined to succeed. It would have been a concern for Arsene Wenger and all Arsenal fans if Ramsey would be the same player after his injury. Under Arsene Wenger’s reign as manager Abou Diaby and Eduardo have also suffered leg breaks, with Eduardo in particular, never seeming to rediscover his form for the Gunners which prompted Wenger to offload him.

Quotes from Arsene Wenger taken from the website Arsenal Mania suggest the Frenchman takes the view that Ramsey will overcome his injury and come back an even better player as a result of it:

‘Aaron is a quiet but strong character and I think there is no better maturing system than what happened to him – blocked at 18 suddenly when you are just flying. Being knocked down and having to wait for a year, not knowing what really will happen. He is certainly mentally stronger now. After what happened to him you have to be strong.’

Ramsey’s recovery could turn out to be essential for Arsenal’s future, with Cesc Fabregas’ on going, ‘will he, won’t he?’ transfer to Barcelona inevitably going to rear its head again this summer. If the Spaniard does head for the Nou Camp this summer, a central midfield partnership of Aaron Ramsey, Jack Wilshere and Alex Song would surely be the next logical step for the club.

Echoing what Ramsey’s manager Arsene Wenger has said, his ability to overcome the injury will help him develop as a player and his daunting experience will be the inspiration he needs to make the most out of his gift as a footballer. There was a great deal of potential within Ramsey before his injury and where some players would look a shadow of their former selves after such an injury, Ramsey looks as good as he did before and will undoubtedly go on to be a top quality Premier League player.

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Written by Tom MacGregor

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  • Zeni says:

    and that’s exactly the moirnoc attitude that helps make players play like shit, which, in turn, makes us lose. I seriously hope you don’t attend ANY Arsenal games in the next two and a half years! 0 0

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