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TEN positives to take from Arsenal’s season


I know you all laughed when you saw the title of my article; if I’m honest, so did I.

But despite Arsenal yet again showing that they choke when the pressure intensifies and that defensive fragilities are very much not a thing of the past, has the season been a total washout for Arsene Wenger’s red and white Army?

Until recently, they were the only club challenging on four fronts and, even though they imploded dramatically, surely being there or thereabouts in four competitions by February is a feat in its own?

All is not lost for the North London outfit despite increasing frustrations both in the boardroom and amongst the fans.

Click on Nasri below to see what the ten Arsenal positives are

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Written by Daniel Blazer

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  • Padraic Connell says:

    1. In Szczesny it looks like we have a keeper who can be seen as quality. Its only early stages for him so he was bound to make the odd mistake but the main thing is that he learns from them. He has the potential to be one of the best in the world.
    2. Sagna has improved his crossing and say what you like about some of our defending this season he has been solid 99% of the time, and he doesn’t get injured.
    3. Djourou is young and in his first season back from a long injury looks promising. No signs of Rosickyitis there.
    4. Wilshere… no need to be told why.
    5. Walcott has shown major improvement and while theres still stuff to work on he getting there.
    6. We have shown we can put in some big performances against big teams i.e. barca and Chelsea at the Emirates, and if we can produce these type of displays on a more consistent basis next year we will be a force to be reckoned with.
    7. In the years that we were most successful we had players who were able to stand up to Wenger, and though I love the man I think he needs these types of players. It looks to me like Fabregas is starting to become a player like this. A player that can tell the manager we need a few changes or we won’t be successful. DO NOT make the mistake of thinking that because he makes certain statements he doesn’t have love for this club, I would claim the exact opposite.
    8. Regardless of what Wenger tells us you can see by looking at him he is frustrated by the teams performance. He knows changes need to be made. With Barca unable to afford Cesc this summer and us not needing the money, a bit of trimming of dead wood and strengthening in areas will hopefully elevate the team to the next level.
    9. Loanees Ryo Miyaichi and Henri Lansbury have been majestic at their clubs this season with Ryo staring in an ever improving Feyenoord side in the second half of the season and Henri being nominated for young player of the year in the championship alongside the oh so hyped Connor Wickham.
    10. Finally, be honest with yourself, no silverware is shit I know, but if you told me that with Vermaelen out for the whole season we would have got to the CC Final, FA Cup QF, narrowly lose out to Barca in the CL knockout phase after beating them at the Emirates and finish in the top 3 in the premiership I would have been happy with that. Had a couple of things gone our way it could have been a lot better, but then again, it could have been a lot worse… you could be a Tottenham fan, ecstatic with being beaten 5 – 0 by Madrid.

  • terry henri says:

    Um, i think if my name sake joins then FABREAS will leave. They do not get on…

    And GALLAS…what aloss he was this season..Who wouldhave thought that?

    I wenger I still TRUST.. Do u still?

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