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What’s Wenger trying to get at?

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lewandowskiAfter seeing Robert Lewandowski sign a pre-contract agreement to join Bayern Munich at the end of the season, Arsene Wenger admits he did try to bring the Dortmund striker to the Emirates.

The 25-year-old signed a five-year contract with the reigning European champions over the weekend and will officially be a Bayern Munich player on July 1st.

Arsenal were linked with a move for the Poland international last summer, but Wenger was told that he had already committed his long-term future to Pep Guardiola’s side:

‘Yes we looked into Lewandowski but honestly he signed for Bayern one and a half years ago, everyone knows that.

‘They can only make it official now because he is in the last six months of his contract.’

Like Wenger said, we all knew where Lewandowski was heading.

But I don’t see why, after Lewandowski opted to join Bayern, Wenger has come out and said that he attempted to sign him? What’s the point? That’s like someone saying ‘we tried to sign Lionel Messi but he decided to sign a new deal at Barcelona’. Is he trying to appease us by telling us that he was actually in for a player who was never going to join us? Pointless to be honest with you lot, and hopefully, before the month ends, the Frenchman tells us something which actually affects our club in a positive manner.

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  • Max says:

    Typical Wenger, says he tried to sign a player after knowing he couldn’t get him. bet we hear a lot of this after the January transfer window shuts.

    Stop talking and go for a striker who is attainable Wenger!

  • Roberto says:

    AW tried to sign every good player from Robinho,Corinthians Ronaldo,sporting Lisbon , Louis Suarez, Ajex, Mata, Valencia, Harzed Lilie, the list is endless. Then later on he realizes how good they become & starts bidding for them.
    He should go & buy a fox in the box I.e a striker with a killer instinct .we have strikes that do not scare our opponents.

  • Tonia Reeves says:

    Gooners, indirectly Wenger is telling us a lie; he won’t buy another striker like other clubs with two or three strikers he’s depending on Giroud.! As an experience coach, he should know by now that Giroud can’t make it alone. God forbid if Spurs had beaten us on Sat, with all the injuries we have, Wenger would have been rushing today to get another striker!!

    • Granville says:

      Are you even a Arsenal Supporter. With Giroud we are top. With Aguero, Dzeko en Alvaro city are second and sure to drop points. Were did you get the knowledge to know what makes a great striker. Which players did you make great? People like you are better of at supporting spurs. Because you think purchasing of players are the only solution that why they are seventh or under whatever rock they are u disgust me. Then u internet hate on the players giving their everything stupid cunt

  • Granville says:

    What an sorry excuse for an article, stupid writer cannot see that mr wenger is actually starting the conversation of mandzukic. But I gues when u a hater all you see is hate. I hate this Anti Arsenal Arsene Hater.

  • H says:

    No point in Wenger telling us he was in for Lewandowski, fact is, we never got him, end of. I hope he signs someone though and not, at the end of the month, tell us he tried

  • TT says:

    Just imagine if Wenger had said he didn’t look into signing Lewandowski, then this article would have been slating him and saying, “We could have signed Lewandowski!”, if only Wegner had been interested.

    Really, you guys hate Wenger so much, you even see beating Spurs as a bad thing.

    You really need to assess your mental states, when you support a club, but hate the manager and so much about the club. It really isn’t normal or healthy.

    When the club was doing poorly it was, odd, now it is just mental.

  • Allan1340 says:

    Same old story one start to say something against Wenger and we others just repeat that without think about it!!!!!!!! Are you people forgotten he brought Ozil??????!!!!!!?? Or where we are now!!!!!!???????? We we are such bad ass and unfaithful against our manager??????? Shame on you

  • Inzaggi says:

    Actually, wenger did ‘nearly’ sign Messi, along with Fabregas. Before any of you losers even knew who he was. Ungrateful Knob heads..

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