Date: 7th November 2012 at 3:15pm
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Arsene Wenger must build a side capable of winning the , and Champions League qualification is not enough for The Gunners.

Now we all know this it is not something that we are hiding behind, the club do definitely need to build a team capable of winning the Premier League because I think for all of us we would love to get the seven-year itch off our back and bring home a title. In addition, I agree Champions League qualification is not enough for us. Yes, we do get money for achieving this, but we should be aiming to win it, not just to benefit financially from it.

Currently, our board expectation is to finish in the top four, whereas years back it was to win, or at least challenge for the title. Wenger can’t do it all himself. The board have to be held accountable for this as well.

There is no doubt in my mind that if the board were to give Wenger say £100 million, with the message that we want to win the league, I think we would be capable of doing it. I know many people will say that Wenger wouldn’t spend it. However, we don’t know for a fact that the cash has been there for Arsene to spend and judging by their cagey AGM meeting, I would have to question the board’s motive(s)

Graham goes on to mention:

‘The problem with Arsenal is their objective is to finish in the top four rather than aiming to win the Premier League title.

‘They’re quite happy to finish fourth and qualify for the Champions League. I understand the financial importance of the top four but, if Arsenal get through to the knockout stages of the Champions League, they class it as success and that’s a problem for me.’

He is dead right. For the board it is seen as a success, to the fans it is now seen as ‘same s*it different season’. I want silverware, and that is ultimatelywhat is going to make us happy. We need to start winning something. We have a fantastic stadium but no trophies to put it in, and that just isn’t good enough.

In the summer we signed Santi Cazorla, Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud, and that shows desire. But we need to build on that and maybe it needs to start in January with another 2-3 signings, and the desire for Theo Walcott to stick around.

Until the board decides that they are going to support the club and give something back to it, instead of taking and making a profit, then we are going to be stuck in the same situation year after year after year, which means losing players until the stadium debt is cleared.

Is Graham right?

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