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A new deal can’t be too far away now

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Arsenal have tried a number of times in the past to get him to ‘sign da ting’, but nothing has yet been agreed.

Theo Walcott is presently running down the final year of his Arsenal contract and the club are now preparing for the final round of negotiations with the speedy winger, with Arsene Wenger eager to conclude talks before Christmas.

It is believed the England international is keen on two features on the contract, a wage hike and a central attacking role in the squad.

Walcott, who supposedly pockets £60k-a-week, is requesting a wage packet of around £100k-a-week to make him the club’s highest earner. This request could damage the club’s wage structure, which Wenger is technically trying to avoid.

However, the Englishman shed more light on the situation after recently coming out and stating that money is not his motive.

But what else could it be?

The 23-year-old is reportedly interested in playing a central attacking role for the club and has made this clear to the manager and fans.

Walcott has been really impressive this season after a series of trials upfront as a striker, scoring six goals and creating four in six matches. His recent outstanding performance in the Capital One Cup encounter against Reading saw him score a brace and set up three in the thrilling 7-5 win over The Royals.

Obviously, Wenger is pleased with Walcott’s recent performances and a new deal is believed to be on its way.

Meanwhile, interests from Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea, coupled with a hot chase by Juventus, could force Wenger to consider a January sale, should talks with Walcott fail to bear fruit yet again.

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  • Teampossible says:

    I admire your optimism.
    However, I think he will be gone in January. To believe that Wenger needed to see him play centrally in order to say: “OK, you got me, sacre bleu, you will be le striker now, let’s sign le contract”. to me seems a little naive. These are professional footballers, and it’s the same as before with all the others in their final years: Flamini, Nasri and that Dutch bastard.

    He’s off, make no mistake.

  • James says:

    I dont see him signing a new contract…and he is inconsistent

  • Richard says:

    If the money crunchers let another player leave its about time for there to be a fans reaction which could be 90 minutes of boojng these faceless wonders or just voting with your feet, or in fact rears which will not be sitting on the seats.

    When we are paying variety of players who never play and can’t get rid of then explain to me the logic of losing those who are playing instead of losing the money men who seem to be doing very little for their money and are not accountable to anyone. I keep on saying that its the FERENGI who are running the gooners.

  • MartyP says:

    Doubel figures in assists and goals the last two years at age 21, 22 respectively is not INCONSISTENT. The wage structure is antiquated when you have some like Diably who plays three matches a year getting 50, and a doofus like Gazidis making the money he makes, along with the highest ticket prices, and a new strip deal comoing in. Otherwise he will take Nani’s spot with ManU get Reunited with RVP, and Wenger will fell like Homer Simpson talking to Silent Stan.

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