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Arsenal star voted ‘most likeable player’ in the Premier League

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Arsenal midfielder Mikel Arteta has been voted as the most likeable player in the Premier League in a poll run by

Out of nearly 3,000 votes, 755 fans voted Arteta as the most likeable player, beating both Brad Friedel and Scott Parker by a significant number. The Spanish midfielder acquired 28% of the votes.

FootballFanCast polled 12,000 football fans on topics such as what makes a footballer likeable or unlikeable, which player in the Premier League has the biggest ego and the most important traits that want new signings to possess.

The five different polls run by were created in an attempt to come up with a complete profile of the modern footballer and their fans.

It’s no surprise that Arteta won the bid, considering another one of the polls found that, according to fans, the three most important traits that they look for in players to be: talent (40%), loyalty (32%) and passion (23%).

Oppositely, the polls found that fans feel the most hated player in the Premier League is Liverpool striker Luis Suarez, who gained nearly half of all their 4,587 votes.

When asked to vote on who they considered to have the biggest ego in the League, Manchester City’s Mario Balotelli came out on top. Balotelli, renowned for his antics both on and off the field, gained the vast majority of the votes: 685 of the 2,000 votes.

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