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Theo and Jack could follow if Robin leaves, says Arsenal legend

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Former Gunner Patrick Vieira believes if Robin van Persie leaves Arsenal this summer then others will likely follow – an accurate and honest statement in my view.

With only a year left to run on his existing contract, Van Persie has yet to sign a new deal and is being tracked by several major clubs around Europe, including Barcelona, Real Madrid and newly crowned Premier League champions Manchester City, where Vieira is now in charge of football development.

Should the Gunners fail to keep hold of the 28-year-old Dutch striker, Vieira has warned his former club and manager that the likes of Theo Walcott, who also has a year left to run on his current deal, and England midfielder Jack Wilshere will more than likely follow suit:

‘It is one of the things they should have closed a long time ago. It is difficult to understand.

‘It’s really difficult to find players of the quality of Van Persie with one year left all around the world. It is a big risk because they lost Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas last year.

‘If they lose Van Persie, it will be a drama. With Samir and Cesc, you can say, ‘OK, those two are gone but you know Jack Wilshere and Van Persie are still at the club’.

‘But if Robin leaves that means next year it may be Theo Walcott, next year’s going to be Wilshere.’

Vieira added:

‘What is important for Robin is he wants to win trophies. Arsenal have to show him he can do it with Arsenal. The best way for them to get him to sign a contract is to bring players to the club who can show him the club are in the same line as him.’

I think Vieira is pretty much stating the obvious here, and adding more pressure on our club and the situation, which is not needed.

If RVP leaves then it will be a massive blow for Arsenal, but one I think we could recover from. Still, you want to keep your best players and the Dutchman is undoubtedly the man at Arsenal. Should he leave, I can certainly see Walcott follow, mind you I wouldn’t really care. In the case of Wilshere, the lad is Arsenal through and through, so he won’t be even thinking about departing the Emirates.

Listen, we’ve done remarkably well for ourselves this season, especially when you consider our poor start. We managed to finish one position higher than last season, as well as two points and two goals for, better offer, this without Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri! However, its high time that our club got back in the mix for trophies, none more so than the Premier League. And I believe if we keep RVP, as well as bring in some top notch players this summer, then we will be in with a chance of lifting some silverware next season.

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  • G. Mann says:


  • joe says:

    if arsenal boad don’t want 2 do somting let go, imagen nasiri just left arsenal and carry trophy fabrigas disame tin. Ok look @Chelsea just first arsenal carry champion league, it is a sham

  • emeke says:

    he is saying the obvious fact. Arsenal is a dying club. no player comes to Arsenal with the hope of winning trouphies.Its just a club to gain experience and move on to ambitious clubs.Viera is right,we should get use to it

  • WOLF says:

    First of all, I don’t think van Persie will leave. Wenger and players have all said that that the captain is too important to the team and letting him go cannot happen. As for Wilshere and Walcott, I really don’t see them leaving. Jack truly is apart Arsenal through and through, and Walcott knows that he just emerging as a leader of the team. Then when you look at the interviews that Robin and his wife have done, it’s easy to see that family is a major factor in the decision and the family seems settled and extremely happy with London and Arsenal.

  • gunny says:

    Viera, traitor, keep your mouth shut, you are no longer an Arsenal legend!

  • The Cabbie says:

    Vieira talk about Mercenary City FC only while counting your pay packet.
    Arsenal are no longer a big enough club to hang on to the top players,so let them go.
    All AW wants to be remembered for is building a stadium.
    Parade the bank balance around N5 and all cheer

  • zdzis says:

    Arsenal beware! If anybody leaves this club, others will likely follow!
    Vieira is just acting stupid, and it’s a sorry sight. I know Wright often fails to make sense, and Dixon and Keown may be sometimes too simple-minded, but Vieira clearly outdid them all with this performance. It’s true what some of you say: if he continues to act as a spokesperson for the money Mancini wants to spend on Arsenal players, his entire career will go to waste. All we’ll remember him for will be the way he treated his former club and its supporters.
    Ugly SOB.
    As for the likelihood of that happening: Walcott is still trying to get one season right, he never did yet. His leaving would hurt us, but we could manage, we have other options now. Wilshere has been out for the whole season, but we stayed in the game and eventually landed in 3rd. If he leaves now, he will have lost a fantastic opportunity to lift this team. It’s also bad economic sense: no one saw him play for the past year, no one will hand a star contract to a player who doesn’t play.
    If Vieira really has a say as director of football dev., it seems Man City should rather fire him, cause he’s turning stupid. Unless they fear “other would follow.”

  • Arsenal1Again says:

    Is Vieira aware that nobody else would really be that interested in signing Theo Walcott, especially at the ridiculous wage Arsenal pay him?

    Is Vieira aware that Wilshere has been at Arsenal since he was 11 … this is already 10 years and nobody defends Arsenal off the pitch as fiercely as Jack?

    What experience does Vieira have with management of players?

    Should Vieira be wondering who all the other players were that left after he left? There were NONE in their early 20’s, only players who were hitting the 30 mark and who didn’t like one year rolling contracts.

  • Sid says:

    This blog is written by morons for morons

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