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The SIX possible candidates to fill in for Theo

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Theo Walcott has been ruled out for the rest of the season after suffering a serious hamstring injury during our dull 0-0 draw with Chelsea yesterday afternoon.

He picked up the injury in the 58th minute, yet the 23-year-old decided to play on, despite Arsene Wenger wanting to replace him immediately. Three minutes later however, he was withdrawn after aggravating the injury further.

During the post match interview, a frustrated Wenger spoke of Theo’s injury and effectively ruled him out for the remaining three fixtures.

The Frenchman said:

‘He wanted to stay on the pitch and carry on but I felt he should have moved off straight away.

‘The second time it was a real problem. It looks a serious hamstring. Now it will be tough to return before the end of the season.’

He added:

‘He should be OK for England. I don’t think he’ll be ready to play for us.’

To be honest, and I know this may come as a shock to many Arsenal fans out there, but I don’t we’ll miss him.

I know he has produced nine assists and scored the same amount of goals, but in truth, Theo has been very inconsistent and ineffective in a lot, a lot of games this season. I for one have been left unimpressed and frustrated more times than delighted with his performances this term.

In any case, with Theo out and vacating his right wing role until next season’s campaign, who should step in?

Well I believe there are six possible candidates for Wenger to consider for the job:

Andre Santos

Despite Santos being a left sided player, Wenger could decide to play the Brazilian on the right wing. He may not be as comfortable in this position as he would on the other side of the field, but it would give the 29-year-old a chance to cut inside and have some shots on goal. It’s an option for Arsene to think about, but probably the least likely out of the five choices – suitability rating: 5/10

Abou Diaby

The French midfielder has played in these wide positions in the past and has been fairly productive when he has done. Has just come back from injury which may concern Wenger, but did feature in yesterdays 0-0 draw with Chelsea, and looked in good shape – suitability rating: 5/10

Aaron Ramsey

Is well out-of-form and has increasingly become a figure of abuse for The Emirates boo-boys. However, Wenger has kept the faith in Rambo and continues to feature him in the line-up. Taking this into account, the Frenchman may decide to slot him into the wide role to give him more time on the pitch and boost his confidence. I wouldn’t personally, but Wenger may decide to do so – suitability rating: 5/10

Yossi Benayoun

Has started Arsenal’s last two fixtures, and I’m pretty sure he would’ve started yesterday if he wasn’t ineligible. The Israeli is a very determined and seasoned professional who can create chances and doesn’t shun away from his defensive duties. A very possible option for Wenger to think about – suitability rating: 7/10


Can play on either flank, but looks more comfortable on the left one I think. Looks out-of-form and not really a goal threat, which may worry Arsene, but the Ivorian is a tricky customer who can cause problems – suitability rating: 8/10

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

The obvious choice. If he’s not picked to play on the left wing then he should occupy Walcott’s position for the next three games. Is great going forward and not afraid to take on full-backs. His inexperience may play a part in Wenger’s decision-making, but I believe The Ox should be unleashed on Stoke, Norwich and West Brom – suitability rating: 9/10

Who do you guys think should fill in for Theo?

Give us your thoughts on the matter

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  • The BearMan says:

    I hope Coquelin fully recovers speedily, he will bring back some speed and power into the side. I will bring back Ryo and prepare Aneke n Ozyakup as Ramsey is still having a crisis of confidence!

  • The BearMan says:

    My final comment: The object is winning games and using everything at your disposal in doing so. Ramsey is a good player, but he currently carries around a losers expression which is very contagious.

    As the saying goes: a team is only as strong as it’s weakest link.

  • Joe. says:

    Coquelin, Benayoun,are perfect replacement if they are 100% fit. Looking at views of things now we cannot afford to lose any of the remaining matches. So beside the replacement we need commitment.

  • clement robert says:

    Wel 4 me i prefer ox or gervinho 4 dat wing.becos two of them has d speed has walcot.

  • Justice. says:

    OX is d perfect guy. He has d strenght & speed required 4 dat positn. 1 points 4rm 2 games wit 2 injuries, so bad. God wil surely see us thru come d end of d season. I pray against any form of injury 4 d remainda of d season & beyond. Amen.

  • efi says:

    Pat Rice, lol!

  • Doc Brody says:

    Pretty obvious it would be Gervinho on the right, Benayoun on the left. Sub whichever underperforms or is most tired (probably Gerv.) with the OX at 62 minutes.

    If Wenger want to try something unexpected, he could play Santos on the left in front of Gibs. Then play Song, Rosiky and Benayoun in the middle instead of using Ramsey. Gervinho on the right.

    For those who are glad to see Walcott out, I say be careful what you wish for. What most of you fail to recognize is that even when Walcott has an off day, he mere presence still forces the opposition to play a more conservative line, which creates time and space for our midfield. Expect to see Arsenal struggle to play its free flowing high possession game. Thank god we don’t have to play anyone in the top 5 for our remaining fixtures.

  • Sid says:

    This blog is consistent… Consistently shite. I am sick to death of no nothing clueless twats slating our players. Theo has been top for us this season, the fact he could have been even better shows his quality.

    Where’s your head at?

  • Adam says:

    Ramsy !
    As the best player on earth and clearly the best arsenal player that ever lived !
    Can easily play right wing.

    Passes sideways. Passes backwards. Misses every chance. Repeated weekly flops.
    Disappointment every year.
    Worst buy and worst stats when he plays.
    Angers most arsenal fans. Frustrates even a blind man.

    Ramsy should take wilcot position.
    He can ruin any position so why not ?
    Arsene trusts him and we all want Arsene to prove to us why Ramsy is always favoured to better experienced players.

    • Big-D says:

      Fucking armchair Arsenal supporters. Know nothing about football and only damage the team with their idiotic comments

  • rashmandada says:

    I’ll like Arsene wenga to start Adre Santos at the first half, and subtitude him (Adre) in the second half with Oxlade Alex Chamberlain…..

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