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How will Wenger utilize the services of this German ace?


Secondly, employing the services of the German forward can be achieved by switching our current formation from 4-3-3 (4-2-3-1) to a 4-4-2 system, pairing him alongside Van Persie upfront. In my opinion, this will be a good idea, but the consequence of this move will be the sacrificing of a midfielder for him, and I am sure Wenger will be reluctant to do this as this will make us a little lightweight in the defence, as Arsene has pointed out on several occasions.

Of course doing this will mean competition for the likes of Mikel Arteta, Aaron Ramsey, Abou Diaby, Jack Wilshere, Alex Song, Tomas Rosicky, Francis Coquelin and Emmanuel Frimpong in an already congested and competitive midfield, as it would reduce the midfield slots from three to two.

The third and viable option for Wenger to explore is the utilization of Podolski through the middle, meaning a direct competition with Van Persie. This in effect will mean Robin gets to sit out some matches while Podolski leads the lines.

Of all the options mentioned above, the third will be the least likely to ensue, as Robin’s form is sure to deny several players in world football today a chance of a starting berth. It can be argued though that the Dutchman needs rest and can do with a replacement, but having Podolski bench him is quite unlikely. This option can only be taken if Podolski shows scoring prowess and devastating form like the Flying Dutchman. Aside this, he would fare no better than Marouane Chamakh or Park Chu-Young if he hopes to play in a central role.

The second option of switching formation looks a little more likely, as Podolski’s pedigree and Van P’s form would prompt Wenger to pair them both with either player dropping for each other intermittently.

The first option though looks most likely to be deployed, as Wenger will be reluctant to sacrifice defensive cover for attacking prowess. Baring injuries or loss of form for Van P, Wenger may be tempted to play Podo wide left and keep Van Persie as the lone striker.

All the abovementioned options are possibilities, but with football today being so dynamic and fluid, I would suggest that Arsene deploy his side according to the opposition, not always playing a 4-3-3 (4-2-3-1) formation. Sometimes, the Frenchman should switch system, pair Podo and Van P out on top. Against tougher opposition, I reckon we keep our present shape and play either of Van Persie or Podolski as the lone striker, with the former getting the starting nod of course (this assertion is based on current form). Who knows, perhaps Podo might hit a much more dangerous form and give Van Persie a run for his money. This does not rule out the possibility that the German can be played wide as well. It is of interest to see how all this will pan out as Podolski can also be used as a substitute across the front three in all the roles described above.

In conclusion, the addition Podolski will be a good one, as we do not have a trusted substitute for our talisman and captain at present or better yet, Wenger is not confident to give Park a chance and Chamakh has failed to impress when fielded out on top.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see what Le Boss decides.

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  • bc says:

    If rvp stays i expect he will primarily be the left forward and walcott the right. however should we sign mvila you might see us play 4132 with podolski partnering rvp. i think podolski wont be the only signing. i believe he has been brought in as replacement for arshavin and i also think replacements will be brought in for benayoun chamakh and possibly park meaning 4 forwards in total. the cost of these could be further offset by selling/releasing 3 more forwards bendtner vela and murphy. so 7 out benayoun arshavin park chamakh vela bendtner murphy and 4 in podolski suarez giroud and hazard or hoilett. Add those 4 to rvp walcott gervinho chamberlain and ryo and we will have a proper strike force. midfield mvila song coquelin wilshire arteta ramsey rosicky diaby and one of lansbury eisfeld holtby belhanda sessengnon. defence sagna jenkinson santos gibbs mertesacker djourou koscielny vermaelen bartley to be joined by isla and vertonghen

  • chris from Cambridge says:

    Wenger will use him when RVP xxxxs off to Barca or somewhere else for much more loot and much more chance of winning anything.

    Did we all watch Chelski beat Barca 1 .. 0 this evening ? How much better would AFC be with a thing called tactics ? But of course Wenger doesn’t do tactics. He has this obsession with his personal team playing his personal more beautiful football than the oppos.

  • ken lo says:

    Chris, you really do have a selective memory dont you?
    Who was it beat them 2-1 at home and then had a farcical decision by a homer referee that saw RVP sent off in the second league?
    Arsene Wenger’s and all true Gooners Arsenal of course…please dont tell me that Barca played us off the park…look at tonights stats.
    Chlsea played exactly the same way as Arsenal did, playing on the break.
    By the way, where are Chelskie in the league? How many points behind us?
    Lets see what happens Saturday shall we?
    Keep being positive mate, thats what we need supporters like you!!!!

    • chris from Cambridge says:

      Yes it would be great if we can beat Chelsea. But that is not my point. My distress is we so ill use our resources : selections, subs, transfers, tactics.

      AW himself has said he does not worry too much about tactics / opposition – ” let the opposition worry about Arsenal.” This is how the oppos always know exactly how we will play. Probably no other team in the EPL adopts this attitude which is a big handicap.

      We all remember RVPs unfair sending off at Barca (and how Bendtner could have nicked it near the end!) I also remember Barca taking us apart in the 1st half, getting in behind our defence over and over again. This was often because of our high line without pressure on the ball (plus Barc’s ability). Barca should have been 4 up by half time but missed their own chances.

      Similarly it showed at Milan this season … we simply did not have a plan B. and most supporters know it.

  • Scott says:

    Too many narks imitating Arsenal fans everywhere.
    They were bloody quiet for a while,but a loss sees them desert the ship like the rats they are.
    Go,follow another club,we don’t care and we certainly won’t miss you.

  • Aussie Jack says:

    Having just aired my views on wingers and long crosses I can`t see him being played wide with any great result. If what we read is true he would be much better employed in the middle either with or just behind RVP. My reading of the situation is that he has been brought in to score goals so either he goes up front and RVP goes back to his old role of second striker or the other way about.

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