Date: 25th January 2012 at 3:15pm
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pointed the finger of blame at for the defeat to Manchester United last Sunday, another saw things differently.

Nigel Winterburn, who spent 13 years with Arsenal, believes the Russian was not fully at fault for Welbeck’s winner and has sympathy for the 30-year-old.

The 48-year-old former left-back told the Sovetskiy Sport newspaper:

‘Arshavin has been smashed to pieces because he didn’t tackle Valencia. But he is only partly to blame.

‘Andrey is not an experienced defender and it is not so easy to stop guys like Valencia. But he still keeps going to the end and tried his best. Where were the defenders? The blame must be shared by all the defensive players, and Andrey too.’

Despite defending Arshavin partly, Winterburn did agree with Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville when he spoke about the Russian’s apparent disinterest:

‘I agree with Gary Neville to some extent. If he doesn’t get pleasure from playing in England then of course it would be better to go to Wenger and say, ‘Arsene, I want to go home’. But I think it’s just Andrey is suffering bad form. He can return to his previous level, he just needs to make an effort.’

I totally agree with Winterburn’s comments.

After Welbeck scored the winner I immediately said to my dad and brother ‘what the hell are our defenders doing?’ Ok, Arshavin shouldn’t have been turned so easily by Valencia and he could have made more of an effort, but who was marking the goal scorer?

I’m not defending Arshavin’s recent performances because they have been under par to say the very least – this coming from a Gooner who rates the player – but it seems every time he plays for us he gets stick, if not from the fans then its from former Arsenal players and pundits, which will lower his morale further.

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