Is anyone else angry with Manu Petit?

4) After the first year in which you were amazing, you were average in the second season and poor in the third.

5) I recall vividly watching the UEFA Cup Final in May 2000 and my overwhelming memory was that it was your worst game in an Arsenal shirt. Your almost total indifference to proceedings around you was perplexing and you may as well have not been on the pitch. At the time I blamed your ineffectiveness for the loss of a European trophy.

6) Just remember that virtually everything you achieved in football was as a result of being managed by one Arsene Wenger and right now he needs support from those for owe him and this club we all love, not pointless observations and criticisms.

Petit in his latest rant last week suggests we should keep faith in Wenger but his outburst wasn’t helpful at the time when we needed to get behind the team as we endeavour to turn the season around.

Petit continued:

‘They most lack mind and character. I do not understand why Arsene did not take Scott Parker or Joey Barton.’

Probably because Song is better and younger than Barton and Arteta is more creative than Parker and we also have Wilshere to come back in the New Year.

‘And the defence, playing at a high level with this defence for several seasons now is impossible. There were, however, players who could strengthen it, like Gary Cahill, but Arsene did not go looking for them either, because of money, no doubt.’

No Manu he invested in a proven 70 plus cap international from Germany to back up Koscielny, who is rated by most of your ex-team mates such as Winterburn and Dixon, and Thomas Vermaelen, who is undoubtedly one of the best centre-backs in Europe.

In conclusion Manu either be constructive and support the club and manager who gave you the finest moments of your career or hold your counsel. You sound like another bitter player whose career went into a fast downward spiral after leaving the Arsenal. What you should be doing is praising young Frenchmen at the Emirates such as Kozza and Francis Conquelin, particularly the latter who probably aspires to achieve what you did for both club and country in your position.

Rant over.

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