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Why Arsenal fans should keep faith with Arsene Wenger


If planet Earth took a collection of its finest footballers to play against a Mars XI there would be few coaches who could select a team, apply the tactics or direct the globe’s talent better than Arsene Wenger. Although the Frenchman has once again invited criticism of his abilities for guiding his Arsenal side to a sixth consecutive trophy-less season, Wenger can boast 3 Premier League titles and 4 FA Cups on his list of honours. More remarkably, the former Monaco boss has overseen and influenced a colossal transition in Arsenal’s fabric by coercing the Gunners’ move to a modern 60,000 capacity stadium and implanting a tactical philosophy, an academy structure and economic principles which his eventual successor will struggle to alter.

The aesthetic quality of Arsenal’s football has never been in question, but the Gunners haven’t been able to supplement their form with silverware during a period when neighbours Spurs have won the League Cup and perpetual title rivals Manchester United have landed 3 Premier Leagues, 3 League Cups and a Champions League trophy. It is important to note that since the Premier League’s inauguration in 1992, Arsenal have spent £273million on transfers whereas Tottenham have expended £399million and Manchester United £430million during the same period.

Throughout the League’s 19 seasons the Gunners have recorded a net spend on transfers of £35million overall, which is less than Stoke, West Brom, Wolves, Everton, Birmingham, Fulham, Newcastle, Sunderland, Aston Villa, Manchester City and Tottenham. The fact that eight out of the above 12 teams have endured a considerable portion of that period in England’s second tier, and some even further down the Football League ladder, speaks volumes. The continual pressure placed on Wenger to spend above his means is surely unfounded as Arsenal’s repeated presence in the Champions League and Premiership title race represents an astonishing return when balanced against the expenditure of ‘smaller’ clubs.

Chelsea and Manchester United have expanded their trophy cabinets significantly since Arsenal last lifted the FA Cup in 2005, but the Stamford Bridge outfit have spent an average of £48million a season on players since 2003 whilst United’s total of £6million is largely reduced due to the £80million sale of Cristiano Ronaldo in 2009. In that time Arsenal have actually made a net profit of £3million from transfer transactions and featured in a European Cup Final and two League Cup Finals in the past five years. Although Portsmouth, Birmingham and Tottenham have all secured silverware recently, this demonstrates a substantial amount of investment and fortune that Arsenal haven’t been afforded. With this in mind, shouldn’t Arsenal fans be satisfied with their manager’s efforts in establishing an esteemed club stature by exercising organic and economical methods whilst exhibiting some of the most stylish football of any team?

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  • cakesoap says:

    Arsen b4 a million eyes is arguably the best coach in history of football,all arsene needs 2 do is swollow his pride.he need 2 knw he has done enough 4 the board and his bosses and start thinkn of his&arsenal fans.he’s got 2 sell with due respect some playes lyk diabi n denilson and replace them with better players lyk scot parker,get a good striker 2,(isnt ashly young gr8)sell bendtner and the lyks of vela n replace them with wellington n rio n the team is grt n trophies plus profits r in

    • Lens says:

      I agree with you. However, we don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. It’s all good to say Wenger should splash the cash, but how do we know that he gets any to spend? I also think some players need to be sold like Diaby and Deni, but do we have suitable replacements amongst the ranks?

  • head says:

    Excellent article. Wenger needs to fit the players to his philosophy, not the other way around. System first, players second.

  • Kyle says:

    At the end of the day, although Wenger has transformed the club, the man needs to start thinking about lifting trophies. Success is measured by trophies not by finishing in top four. Great manager but I think his time is coming to an end.

  • Chukwumaijeamechi E. says:

    lets really understand wenger.

  • Chukwuma Echezona says:

    i agree with cakesoap. it is time to win trophies and we can’t do that with diaby and denilson starting for us or squillaci commanding the back or almunia btw the post and bendtner trying to score.
    we need to overhaul, offload and sell off some and then buy better legs.
    we got a new stadium and made some profits. Trophies will bring more profits.

  • Edgar says:

    How further to trust in Wenger when at us in a command such nonprofessional players as play Diabi, Fabianski, Denilson, Bentner? Wenger it is constant about them burns, but thus continues to let out them. How it was possible to buy for 13 million such football players as Koselni and Sqillachi? For 13 million, by the way, the Real has bought Mesut Ozil!
    Same delirium, really it was impossible to buy normal defenders?
    Fans don’t ask to buy Messi or Snejder. It is clear that Wenger and the Management were sang and earn money, the club occupies a stable 2-4 place in League.
    We do not want to trust in Wenger, we want to trust in the Arsenal!

    Sorry for me English, Im from Russia.

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