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Forget Fantasy Football – Play Picklive tonight


Courtesy of Matt and his excellent site TransferTavern

Written by Escapini

Fantasy Football sucks. It requires far to much time, you never see your name on te top of a list unless you scroll to page 12 and the best you can hope for is a half hearted bragging right when a player you almost forgot you had scores after 19 games.

Liverpool play Aston Villa tonight so if you’re planning on watching it get registered. It takes less than a minute.

PICK LIVE isn’t a fantasy football game. It’s fantasy football in real time based upon the game you are watching. Live. You pick your players live.

It’s stolen all the endearing components, sped it up and added the opportunity for you to gamble loose change on it. Oh yes – and it’s brilliantly addictive.


It’s EASY you pick three or five players (depending on the game) and these players score points depending on their actions during the game in real time.

The game lasts 7.5 minutes – so you don’t get bored.

You can make unlimited substitutions (They take 30 seconds to kick in).

You opt to play for fun, £1 or £3 against other players across the world.

The Big Game

* Pick 5 players before kick off

* Game lasts for whole match

* Unlimited number of players to compete against

* Unlimited substitutes available

* SIGN UP HERE!!!!!!!

The Live Game

* Pick 3 players before kick off

* Game lasts for 7.5 minutes

* 6 -25 players to play against

* Unlimited substitutes available

* SIGN UP HERE!!!!!!!

How To Play Instructions HERE

The Playable Demo Is HERE

How The Scoring Works HERE

Glowing Reviews HERE

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