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If he hates Arsenal so much…perhaps he should move on


What seems to be the problem with Arsenal’s Andrey Arshavin? The 29-year-old Russian yet again blasted his team’s poor season claiming it to be a ‘pitiful’ one.

Arsenal fell short of the Premier League title and ended up third behind Manchester United and Chelsea this season. The Gunners failed yet again to grasp any sort of silverware this year, and as a result, their trophy less record now stretches to 6 years.

Arsenal let slip the F.A cup, Carling cup and only managed to reach the Champions league quarter finals stage this season. With that all being said, are Arshavin’s comments really called for? Or should the player keep quiet and focus on what he is paid to do, play football?

The Arsenal no.23 last season has expressed his unhappiness at the club on a number of occasions. Arshavin has in the past stated that the club has no ambition and desire, as well as a poor medical staff. Yet a number of Arsenal fans (and probably even neutral ones) will feel that if the player is not happy at the club then why does he not just leave? Surely these outbursts by the Russian international are not helping whatsoever.

Arshavin appears to be upset that the North London club has failed in not doing more last season. Speaking to the Sun Newspaper, the 5’8’’ attacking midfielder told of his dismay:

‘There was nothing special last season for me to think back about. The season was normal – even pitiful.’

Arshavin is starting to sound like a broken record these days and must be starting to get on the nerves of a few Arsenal fans. His statement may be accurate in some of the fans eyes, but a majority will no doubt be upset with the Russian continuing to belittle the club. Team morale is essential for any team to succeed, and whilst the Russian continues to speak wrongly of the club, he is surely destroying the harmony within the squad and aggravating the fans as well.

Arshavin had an average season for the Gunners to say the very least, so for him to come out and blast the team in the way he has done, appears to be a bit naïve in all honesty. Whenever the player scores, Arshavin loves to place his finger over his mouth as if to say ‘be quiet’. Well Arshavin, maybe you can start learning to do this off the pitch, as well as on it.

If the forward is upset with life at the Emirates as he claims to be, then it maybe time for him to move on, and looked for a ‘better’ club to achieve his career goals.

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  • samuel says:

    It,s time for Arshavin to go already but who will
    pay the 75 000 pound a week he currently earns whi
    lst clowning around at the Emirates and beyond,Juv
    entus, that newly mega rich Russian club paying Sa
    muel Eto,o a fortune or maybe Spuds,Luckypool etc?

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