Parlour: Arsenal fan TV want their side to lose

Image for Parlour: Arsenal fan TV want their side to lose

Ray Parlour has claimed that Arsenal Fan TV want their side to lose in each game they play.

The former Gunners’ midfielder believes that members of the YouTube channel are happier with defeat because it is better for their interests.

Parlour admitted that the fan group are happy when their side fails and suggested that it should be called the “Arsenal Fail TV” instead.

“They want them to fail, how can they call it the Arsenal Fan TV?” he said on talkSPORT.

“They want them to lose, it’s better for them.

“They’re happy when they lose.”

Are they really happy when their side loses?

It is hard to say, but surely you would think that they would be as gutted as the normal fan is.

When watching their clips, it is clear to see that they are over-dramatising their reactions in the hope that they could possibly go viral – no matter how ludicrous they made seem.

Parlour is right on one factor though, they react much stronger to a defeat than they do a win. It appears that most of the usuals on their videos come out of the darkness to scream and shout after seeing their side lose.

One thing most can agree on though is that most Arsenal fans will not want to be associated with those that appear on the videos, as they come across as laughing stocks across the country.

Either way, there would be no excuses for a fan that wants their side to lose, and the Gunners would most likely be better off without this same group of fans that just moan and complain every single weekend.

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