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‘Stefan Malz all day’ – Some Arsenal fans sabotage Gunners debate

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It may be a stressful time for Arsenal fans with no news on potential arrivals during the transfer window just yet, so you might be able to forgive a few for having a bit of fun in the off-season.

And credit to these fans who have transformed any transfer window frustrations into harmless (and in some cases, ridiculous) banter, as Gooners were asked to name their greatest midfielder.

Arsenal may have been graced with many midfield maestros over the years and while the majority of responders were more than happy to put words forward for the likes of Patrick Vieira, Cesc Fabregas and Liam Brady, some supporters were flying the flag for those who would do well to be included in any dream team XI.

From Kim Kallstrom to Mathieu Flamini, this alternative look at Arsenal’s midfielders showcased the fanbase’s sense of humour amid a disappointing end to the recent campaign, giving fellow supporters some light-hearted relief as the wounds of the crushing end to the season begin to heal.

With former and current stars falling victim to the ridicule, there seems to be no hiding place from scrutiny from the Arsenal faithful – even in a debate on so-called ‘greats’:

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