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Arsenal stuck between a rock and a hard place with talisman

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Arsenal are stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to Alexis Sanchez. Why? Well he is arguably Arsenal’s best player, the club talisman. Without his goals last season, the Gunners would have finished mid-table. The fans adore him and the Chilean plays every game like it is his last. But with only one-year left to run on his current deal at the Emirates, no new deal has been agreed, fuelling speculation that he could be on his way out and fans fearing the worst.

It’s unclear what Sanchez really wants. Is it money, or is it trophies? If it’s the latter then he cannot kick up too much of a fuss, I mean, we did win the FA Cup. It’s a trophy at the end of the day, isn’t it? Granted, we should have done a hell of a lot better in the Premier League and Champions League, but, ultimately, there are only FOUR trophies you can get your hands on, and we managed to attain one of them. If it’s about competing in Europe then he has every right to feel aggrieved. We were poor in the Champions League and are still nowhere near the likes of Real, Barcelona and Bayern Munich. When it comes to the Premier League last season, we weren’t up for it. Simple as that. No progress was made in the domestic league, in fact, it was our worst finish under Arsene Wenger since he took over 21 years ago. This certainly needs to be addressed this season with a serious title push. Whether this is with or without Sanchez remains to be seen.

Reports have suggested that Sanchez is fishing for a bigger wage pack to commit his future to Arsenal. First it was somewhere in the region of £200k-a-week, then it was £300k-a-week, now it’s believed he is demanding £400k-a-week! If it is either the last two sums then Arsenal and Wenger have a dilemma on their hands. Despite being our talisman, is he worth £400k-a-week? Should Arsenal give him what he wants? No. That’s my answer to my own question. Why? Because if you give in to his demands then others will be asking why they aren’t earning the same. Besides, I don’t believe any player in the world should pocket this amount…they’re only kicking a ball around at the end of the day. If he is truly seeing that amount of money then he best seek out a club that will offer it to him as there is no chance in hell Wenger will offer it to him. I think, if he really wants £400k-a-week, that it is a tactic by him and his agent to force a move away from Arsenal, knowing that the club will not hand it over to him just like that. If this is the case, then see you later Sanchez. A player should not hold a club to ransom. If he isn’t happy at Arsenal then he has to go, even though he is a key member of the squad. Sad but true.

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