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FA Cup success will only paper over the cracks

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Finishing in the top four this season remains a possibility for Arsenal to achieve, but it will require a bulk of luck and quality performances – the Gunners have neither at the moment.

The recent loss to Spurs have left Arsenal languishing in sixth place with 60 points from 33 games played. Manchester City currently occupy fourth spot with 66 points from 34 games played, while Manchester United are in fifth with 65 points from 34 games played. Liverpool’s win last night against Watford see them sit in third place with 69 points with three games left to play. It’s a four-horse race for a top four finish, but only two can make it.

The Gunners next game is Manchester United at home, a game Arsene Wenger’s side simply must obtain all three points, nothing more will do (check out to see if you can score a ticket for the game at the Emirates this Sunday). Should they fail to bag all three points and results go against them, then Arsenal’s hopes of acquiring a top four spot are all but over. With the way Arsenal are performing at the moment and Wenger’s record against Jose Mourinho, you can only envisage the worst for the Gunners. I for one believe Arsenal will miss out on the top four. Call it pessimistic if you want, but I’m just making an honest and realistic assumption of what I have seen throughout the course of this season. We simply haven’t been good enough and shouldn’t kid ourselves any longer.

However, we still have another FA Cup to look forward to, and this could once again prove to be Arsenal’s and Wenger’s saving grace. Should Arsenal beat Chelsea on May 27th at Wembley, then they will be the most successful club in the competition’s history (a record they currently hold with Manchester United – 12 wins a piece).

But would winning the FA Cup be seen as a successful season for Arsenal? Or would it just be papering over the cracks once again? I would lean more to the latter statement.

Although another possible FA Cup triumph would be good, adding another trophy to the cabinet, I don’t think it’s something many Arsenal fans will be getting too excited about. No trophy should be frowned upon, of course we would be happy to lift it once again, but it would simply sweep every other problem at the club under the rug for another year and should not be viewed as a successful season for Arsenal.

We want more. We deserve more.

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