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Disappointing result, but not a surprising one

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What a disappointing final North London Derby at White Hart Lane that was yesterday afternoon. Not only because we lost, but it didn’t feel like a match where two rivals were going head-to-head.

The result itself was poor for us, but it wasn’t a surprising one in all honesty. Arsenal have been poor all season and, in my opinion of course, it’s been the worst one I can remember in a very long time, especially under Arsene Wenger. 33 games played, 60 points tallied. To add salt to the wounds (sorry guys) but we currently sit in sixth position and are a massive 21 points adrift of table-toppers Chelsea, with of course a game in hand. 21 points! This is simply not good enough, especially for a team that are supposed to challenge for the Premier League title. Embarrassing.

The 2-0 loss to Spurs has made the task of finishing in the top four even more difficult now. It can still be done, but the Gunners will certainly need to up their game and hope luck is their best friend from now until the end of the season. Manchester United at home is next on the list, and we know how well Wenger does when he comes up against Jose Mourinho…

It was always going to be a difficult game against our fierce rivals, given the fact that they are playing some great football while we have been poor all season. A loss is never nice to take, especially against Spurs, but what was more disappointing was the way we played, we simply didn’t. There was no quality shown on our behalf, no fight from several players, and we looked like a team that just didn’t want it. How? Why? I don’t know. Only Petr Cech and possibly Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain performed, the others were nowhere to be seen, including the ‘irreplaceable’ Alexis Sanchez.

As mentioned earlier, a top four finish is now in serious threat. Personally, I couldn’t care less if we finish in the top four or not, and a part of me doesn’t want us to achieve it. Why? Because it will just paper over the cracks once again. Another triumph in the FA Cup would be decent, but again, is it enough for a ‘big’ club like Arsenal? I don’t think so.

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