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Bigger problems than St. Tottingham Day cancelled for Arsenal

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No St. Tottingham’s Day for Arsenal fans to celebrate this season after doing so for the past 21 years. Frankly, I don’t care, nor did care if we finished above Spurs for all that time. What matters most to me is Arsenal progressing as a club and winning trophies. Sadly, this isn’t the case.

Spurs have every right to mock us and celebrate that they have finally finished above us – I was 10 the last time this happened. But does it really matter? For bragging rights, of course it does, but ultimately, if Spurs don’t win the title then they are just like every other team that failed to win it. All that matters is who finishes on top of the table after 38 games. That’s it. However, having had a laugh at their expense for the past 21 years, ‘celebrating’ St. Tottingham’s Day as it has now been dubbed, they in turn have every right to have their ‘glory’ over us. They deserved to finish above us this season as we have been garbage.

With yesterday’s victory over Arsenal, some are claiming that there is there a shift in power happening in North London. Well I wouldn’t say so. Why? Check the history books, the trophies tallied and the achievements accomplished over the years and they are nowhere near on par with us. With that being said, however, over the past couple of seasons or so, Spurs have become a better outfit, especially under Mauricio Pochettino, and look to be improving year on year, while Arsenal, to some, have gone backwards and/or stayed still. And this may concern some Gooners (honest and realistic ones).

I don’t know what is going on at our club behind closed doors, but it needs to be addressed. Many will blame Arsene Wenger for the downward spiral, while others will say it’s the board’s fault and/or the players aren’t good enough. Frankly, I think, from top to bottom, it’s a complete shambles, and quite embarrassing.

Arsenal needs to fix these problems as soon as possible and get back to where they were or risk following the same route as Liverpool – a big club which can’t get back to their glory days. Whether this is to get rid of Wenger this summer, remains to be seen. But if the Frenchman is set to stay on after this season (which is looking highly likely) then, along with his players, seriously needs to pull their finger out.

(Article courtesy of Absolute Arsenal)

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