Date: 25th January 2017 at 1:44am
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is arguably to most, if not all Arsenal fans, viewed as one of the club’s most creative players.

However, the have been without the Spanish maestro for the past 14 matches now, with many citing his absence from the side as one of the core reasons for Arsenal struggling to keep pace with leaders Chelsea. But maybe he isn’t as important as many believe him to be.

Since August 2012, statistics – produced by – show that without Cazorla Arsenal haven’t struggled as many thought. In fact, they have scored the same amount of goals per game, average the same points per game and have marginally conceded less per game. They have, however, got a lower win rate when the Spaniard isn’t involved.

Here are you can see the stats with and without Cazorla:

It’s unknown as to when the creative midfielder will return to the side following several setbacks to his injury he picked up back in March last year. faithful will be hoping it is sooner rather than later as they continue to hunt down Chelsea.