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Is he the sole reason for Arsenal’s shortcomings?

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Arsene WengerIt’s early days yet, but it looks like Arsenal will be fighting to secure another top four finish rather than the Premier League title, after picking up a disappointing 11 points out of a possible 24 so far.

But who should we point the finger of blame at? Arsene Wenger? The players? Or the non-football board we have at the club.

Well to be fair, all must take a share of the blame for our failings thus far, but none more so than Wenger himself.

Regardless of our performances and results to date, we do actually have a very talented side, one with many game changers and players that could be classified as ‘world-class’.

However, Wenger just doesn’t know how to motivate them, nor is he a manager than understands where his players best operate – Mesut Ozil for example plays out wide rather than in the centre, a player who is renowned for his creativity and assist. But the German just hasn’t been the same since he joined us last summer.

Not only is Wenger poor at man-management, but the Frenchman is very naive when it comes to transfer dealings and bolstering up his squad. Yes he brought in the likes of Alexis Sanchez, Mathieu Debuchy, Calum Chambers, David Ospina and Danny Welbeck, but he hasn’t allowed for current squad members that might pick up injuries, which unfortunately is the case once again!

Pundits and fans alike were calling on Wenger to sign a top striker in the summer, he bought in Welbeck, a player who isn’t exactly lethal in front of goal. We were also urging Arsene to sign a holding midfielder, he didn’t. Instead he kept faith in Mikel Arteta and Mathieu Flamini – the former is now injured while Flamini is not highly rated amongst the Emirates faithful.

Poor decision-making in the transfer market and tactically have left us 11 points adrift of table topping Chelsea, and we’ve only played EIGHT games! This isn’t good enough, nor is it acceptable, and as Wenger is the manager he must shoulder the blame for our mishaps.

The money-loving board aren’t exactly doing us any favours, but as Wenger is earning £8 million-a-year to manage a talented side and huge club, I, and I’m sure everyone reading this, expect him to do a better job.

We were expecting our club to be challenging for the Premier League title this season, but our ‘challenge’ has already faded and we haven’t even entered November!

Another top four finish it is then.

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  • Me says:

    I am really disappointed with this season and the soul less performance of a team that Wenger describes as the best he has had.

    I think everyone who has full vision can see that this is not his best side. In fact, I will go on record as saying this is the worst squad of players I have seen for over twenty years not because of technical ability but because of commitment and willingness to fight and it is all one man’s fault and that is Arsene Wenger.

    His arrogance is staggering and to come out and say that no one can be blamed for the record of 2 wins 5 draws and 1 defeat is ridiculous, especially when fans are armed with the fact that Arsenal charge the highest prices in the premiership yet their team is consistently performing worse than clubs much smaller than they are.

    How long will this be allowed to continue before attendances start falling and Arsenal start losing money ?

    When attendances fall is when you will see a management change. in the meantime the greedy board of directors will be happy to let the status quo to continue.

    I just want to see the back of Wenger – he lost the ability to lead Arsenal to league glory years ago.

  • Vinod.P.K says:

    Arsene wenger is not sure of himself. Even though he pretends to go by merits, so often his decision are influenced by critics and fans. Either he should sick with his points or should have been able to judge the matters ahead of everybody. Had he played OX & SANCHES wide and didn’t make a mess of TV’s carreer and forced his eventual exit we should not have lost are drawn any game except that against Chelsea. See yesterday, how beautifully CAMPBELL played? He should have been used regularl to substitute in the wings and be given due chances for starting as part of rotation. See MONREAL is not a favourite by fans. But he is a very good player.
    Many managers of lower ranked teams should have won if they had our squad. Year by year going by , same blunders happening. The fine examples.are always the last game. Yesterday, going by the play we should have won 4-0. Last week against Chelsea we should have ended with s point at least , had that 100 th time repeat of mistake by Koscienly didn’t occure.

  • colinzo says:

    Mr Wenger shld please quit now that d ovation’s loudest;we need a young vibrant coach with fresh ideal. Wenger has outlived his usefulness. For crying out loud why benching Joel Campbell when’s better than most of d players on d field.

  • eric says:

    season after season we see the same mistakes in our team, Wenger is simply out of tactics and out of luck. he is always making the wrong choices and causing the team dearly. I see no end to our woes with Wenger. we need a more vibrant manger with eye for quality and commitment. I see Chelsea’s bench as better than our first 11 so how can we edge them out. I expect the fans to start reacting by not attending matches only then will the see the seriousness of the issue

  • neill foo says:

    Hey !And how about Gazidis ? He don’t seem to be useful to us !

  • Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    Let us be calm. Most of our top options are out there nursing injuries. We should all thank God for getting a point yesterday. Had it been we lost the game what would we have done? There are still 90 points for the Gunners to overhaul. If the Gunners can successfully overhaul those 90 points, they will be BPL champions. We can retain the FA Cup and win the Champions League. Hope is not lost. Let us concentrate on the Anderlecht game. The Gunners will be by the Grace of God win the game on Wed to get some succour.

  • SirAj says:

    Wenger should kn dat every season is not christmas for fourth place, and for dis season we are droping down, change can only happen if wenger, gazidis or gas, and stan leave arsenal fc alone. D philosophy of socialism in which dis three use in running arsenal is bad for modern football. Guys what if arsenal was a selling club like what southampton did dis season under wenger, dat would have been a disgrace. Come to think of it southampton allowed their best coach go and dey went for koeman and dis guy is abt to take dem to d summit and we all c dem doom b4 d season commence but here dey are today winning in their ecstacy. Why can’t arsenal do same for Christ sake? How i wish dis message would be passed across to all arsenal fans for revolution to take place in London tomorow.

  • Dave Hamilton says:

    This is how I see it, we have a board and owner that knows nothing about british football and that is only going to stand back and watch our great stadium be used as a cash machine, and a manager with a degree in economics willing to try and fool the fans that he rearly cares about our historic club. While we have 40,000 on a season ticket waiting list the board will not worry nor will wenger, as long as he can get us in the top 4 every season by beating the lower teams he doesn’t care, as for challenging for prem league forget it, he is neither tactically aware enough or willing to change our game, he is not even beating the lower teams at the moment. Come on you fans your paying high prices so if the board are not going to put pressure on wenger don’t you think its about time we all did wre paying his 8

  • @11Rayz says:

    Wenger has gone from being delusional to being psychotic! He has nothing more to offer Arsenal… He consistently plays our best players (Cazorla & Ozil) out of position just to make room for Wilshere in midfield. He plays Ox ahead of Podolski and Campbell for no justifiable reason… He has made a mess of the club and the board sits back and does nothing! It’s unfortunate that Stan is only interested in the money he can get out of the Club.
    Wenger relentlessly tries to pursue an English agenda at Arsenal, maybe with the hope of getting favoured by the FA. We need to get rid of Wenger before he completely wrecks the club we have all grown up to love so deeply.

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