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Why Arsenal MUST extend this player’s current contract

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Per MertesackerPer Mertesacker has been in amazing form for the Gunners as of late, picking up where he left off from the latter stages of last season.

Mertesacker arrived in north London from Werder Bremen in 2011 and had a bit of a tough time adjusting to the pace and physicality of the Premier League which lead to some less than pleasing performances.

But now that has all changed as the big German has become a rock at the back, establishing himself as a crucial part of Arsene Wenger’s back four and earning himself the captains arm band in the process.

All the brilliance he’s been showing of late has quickly prompted Wenger to consider giving the 6’5″ defender a new deal.

But does he deserve it? More importantly, has he earned it?

In my opinion, he certainly has. The way he’s adjusted his game to suit the league despite being slower than most, reading the game well, commanding the back four brilliantly and has offered a threat up top from set plays among other reasons is more than enough to say that he is a very good player and one who needs to be held onto.

When asked about the situation with Mertesacker’s contract, Wenger said:

‘We are in the process of talking [with Mertesacker], yes.

‘He has one and a half years to go on his current contract, so that is a long time.’

Though it looks like the gaffer is in no hurry to do so, it is rumoured that the German will be receiving a two-year extension on his current deal. Included in the deal will reportedly be a slight increase on his current wage of £75,000.

Not only will this deal show his commitment to the club, whose fans have grown to love him, but it will also keep the likes of Bayern Munich at bay as they seek to acquire his services, according to reports.

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huge Arsenal fan, love the team and all that comes with it.follower of all kinds of sports, football being my first love, yet to attend my first arsenal game but i am planning too, some time in the not to distant future. i enjoy writing as well, that's how i ended up here, never looked back....


  • Michael Staley says:

    What is the point of this article?

    The Board and management at Arsenal are well aware of the importance of Mertesacker to the team, and of the desirability of a contract extension. Talks are ongoing.

    “Though it looks like the gaffer is in no hurry to do so . . .”. What’s the basis for this assertion of yours? Certainly not the remark “He has one and a half years to go on his current contract, so that is a long time”, which is a statement of fact and hardly indicateive of the “manjana, manjana” attitude which you seem to impute to Wenger.

    If you have nothing useful to post, it might be useful not to post; just a thought.

  • Shaney douglass says:

    cos we r fooked without him

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