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d1cbe9ab6737e3a98fe6d3bd7eb28f54Once again the football season in England has come to an end and with very little happening in terms of football competitions over the summer, for big fans of the game it may seem like forever till the first game of next season.

For many of these fans this also means that they have nothing to put their money on as they will often place a bet each week on who will win. Now, however, the only thing you can really put your money on is who you think the odds-on favourites to win the Premier League title next season. But this is never an easy choice to make as many things change between seasons that can change how the team plays together, meaning they may not come out as strong as they finished last season.

One team this might be true for is the popular bookies and punters favourites Manchester United, since their long-time manager Sir Alex Ferguson has just announced his retirement, as well as the fact that David Moyes is to be his replacement.

While Moyes has proven to a be a good manager over the past, changing managers is still going to affect how the team plays when they come back and so is something that many think will lower their chances of winning and thus making them less appealing to bet on.

But no matter which teams look the best to put your money on, actually placing a bet on sporting events has gotten much easier over the years as betting companies have made online sites where you can now place your bets 24/7.

Betting companies are not the only ones to adopt this way of thinking though as online casinos like have also made websites for playing games. Many of these games such as Shoot! are sports themed in order to bring in the same types of people as betting sites.

Based on the popular football magazine, Shoot! Video slots features players from the 1960’s onwards and can be played online from a number of online casino sites.

Another popular game is Soccer Safari which features animals as oppose to footballers and provides just as much fun to football fans who wish to try their luck on casino games.

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