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Can you honestly see Wenger doing this?


Radamel FalcaoI don’t know if Arsene Wenger is having us on or not, but the Frenchman reckons Arsenal COULD beat off the likes of Chelsea, Real Madrid and Manchester City and splash out £80 million for Radamel Falcao, even if we don’t make the Champions League!

Several Arsenal fans, including myself, want Wenger to splash the cash this summer and get the team back to where they belong – challenging, and ultimately, winning trophies.

Wenger has been given at least £70 million to spend this summer to strengthen the side for next season’s campaign and it seems he will answer the fans’ calls, hinting that he would be willing to splash the cash.

When asked if he could buy Falcao, Wenger said:

‘We can do it.

‘If we find a player of top, top quality we will take him.’

Taking into account transfer fees (around £40 million) and wages (on a five-year deal or so), the Atletico Madrid man would cost us around £80 million. This to me sounds ludicrous, but Wenger says it is possible, even without the financial backing of the Champions League:

‘We are in a stronger situation where we can spend some money. I’m not reluctant to do so. First of all, we only had money recently.

‘Financially, we can live without the Champions League.’

In my opinion, the club needs to get rid of the deadwood, players like Sebastien Squillaci, Denilson and Andrey Arshavin in order to fund such proposed moves. Plus, loosen the wage budget in general.

We are financially in a stronger position than we were in the past. But can you guys honestly see Wenger signing superstars like Falcao? As much as I would like to see him bring in players of this calibre, I just can’t see it happening.

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  • atid says:

    apart from the players out on loan there is approximately 24 players in the first team. i would sayof that lot 2 keepers should be considering their futures fabianski and mannone also 2 defenders squillaci and possibly sagna. in midfield rosicky and diaby need to be asked questions of whilst up front arshavin and possibly gervinho. of the first team players out on loan i cannot see futures for djourou santos denilson park chamakh or bendtner whilst frimpong and ryo lso have flattered to deceive. campbell probably wont get his work permit either. so all in all that is potentially 17 players who are facing next season away from the club. i just wonder how many of that lot will be here come august 31st?

  • mr arsenal says:

    i don’t see that
    but if he want to strong our team bring these

    thomas ince
    julio cesar
    and one more brtish playr in back 4

  • Anon says:

    Financially we can live without the champions league

    That is the point of interest.

    It means there will be 30 million less … we can live without it, but its a big blow.

    Live without it means we will not do a leeds … it does not mean we will spend 80 million on a player.

    Even with all the big talk … arsenal will not spend more then 16 million on a player! Will not happen.

    Falcao is not a realistic target … shock horror, as if any one believed otherwise.

    Also, i want wenger to define super quality… i mean, squilachi, santos, chamakh etc…. even giroud and pod would not be what i call ‘super quality’

  • ivorstephens says:

    No i cant see wenger doing this and nor should he.80 million for one(admittedly good) player is way too much money.There would have to be a corresponding increase in our other senior players wages and theres no guarantee that he would settle

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