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My thoughts on the 2-0 loss to Swansea

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Two words spring to mind – major reinforcement.

The January transfer window will undoubtedly be a very, very period for Arsenal FC. It’ll, in my opinion, determine whether we’ll take part in the prestigious Champions League next season or not.

To me, this Arsenal side is average. It’s a squad filled with players who are either world class or very mediocre.

Needless to say, it’s a very depressing time to be a Gooner. Our performances over the last few games have been disappointing and I’m utterly deluded that we don’t even put up a fight to challenge for the title. Losing is part of the game and I’m surprised we didn’t concede more than two today against a resilient Swansea side. They were by far the better team and deserved all the points.

We need top class additions to come in this winter and help us achieve our goals. If this doesn’t occur then a top four finish will more than likely beyond us this season.

It was good to see Thomas Vermaelen back to his best, and I hope he maintains his form. But we need to up our game drastically in the upcoming weeks.

If we are going to sign anyone this January then I hope we sign them from the Premier League. We need players who are experienced and determined to come in and strengthen our squad.

Let’s hope Le Prof we’ll act in a shrewd way after yet another poor result and display.

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  • Wombledin says:

    .”..the January transfer window will undoubtedly be a very, very for Arsenal..”? Geez can’t you even do a quick proof-read before posting your half-baked blog.

  • a jack says:

    it was like we had twelve players with Ur lot moaning and groaning fair enough make Ur feelings known before and after the game u were a disgrace why should Ur team try when Ur booing them off at half time

  • jay says:

    the crowd today seemed to accept that this was going to be a bad day even before Swansea scored their goals.the lack of spirit within the club has manifested itself on the supporters as well.listening to the fans around me today most have given up on winning anything for another season.Wenger has ran out of ideas ,and seems to have no idea how to alter the course of the gam,something that he was more than capable of.Just because Wenger was great in the past it does not mean he should reign forever.Mrs thatcher was great in her time but you would not like to have her back in charge of the country ,would you.Time for new blood in the management and playing staff or we will writing these same posts in another 8 years.

  • ivorstephens says:

    My god a thatcherite Wenger may be going downhill fast but to compare him to that evil harridan is a bit strong

  • john lim says:

    Arsenal is not even competing in europa league next season. Trust arsene, my foot!

  • ivorstephens says:

    We’ll probably sneak into third or fourth by the seasons end but what we need now is a spell where we win win a few matches by any means possible until our form improves which undoubtedly it will

  • a jack says:

    are you serious ivor u be lucky to finish top eight

  • Twivil says:

    Get some CMids in there who can compete, pass and move, The players AW keeps picking will never cope but we have players at the club who can. Put players in their proper positions- Jack, Rambo and Rosicky in the midfield 3 with Wally up front flanked by Caz and the Ox. That side will win possession, pass, move and create chances like we did of old. The side today was a joke.

  • ivorstephens says:

    Eell be there or thereabouts as normal but maybe Paul merson was right it might do us good to drop out of Europe for a season or so

  • a jack says:

    I really don’t think you will Ur they don’t seem to be functioning at all no passion and the crowd on their back talk about piling on the pressure

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