Date: 7th December 2012 at 3:10pm
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We’ve had a somewhat indifferent start to our campaign this year. Still in all competitions, but our performances have swung like a pendulum from excellent to absolute rubbish.

One clear effect some of the poor performances have had on us can be seen in the league. We find ourselves 10th. The highlight of the lows, a humiliating 2-0 defeat at home at the hands of Swansea. That result gave the boo boys a platform to air their frustrations once again as they continue to grow restless at the worrying signs in the club’s current form, with some unhappy about the lack of investment in the first-team. To be honest, quite a number of us fall in this bracket.

Going through my timeline on Twitter, I’m seeing civil wars between fellow Gooners emerging. Some fans still see Arsene Wenger as the man for the job, while others want his head on a silver platter. And former Gunner Stewart Robson falls into the latter camp.

He recently told talkSPORT:

‘I would have sacked him four years ago but I’m in the minority.

‘Arsenal football club need a new manager and they need it soon.’

I think it’s about time we all just came out and said it – Wenger has come to the end of his reign. I can say I’m with the idea of sacking the Frenchman. I just can’t keep the faith in him any further. He’s been unable to hold onto important key players over the years with Theo Walcott most likely to be the next escapee. In addition, his tactics as of late have been questionable, and he seems lost with no idea of what to do next.

Take nothing away from what he’s achieved and done for us over the years, but even the greatest rulers have to step down and let someone else have a go at some stage.

But it seems no matter how much we argue over this the Arsenal board seem very content with what’s happened over the years. It’s like Wenger is unsackable. Virtually untouchable in a sense.