Date: 27th October 2012 at 2:50pm
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With an embarrassing display against Schalke midweek, we all knew the Arsenal AGM was going to be a very nervy time for the board, and it didn’t disappoint.

Some very vocal Arsenal fans gave the Gunner’s board, including majority shareholder Stan Kroenke, Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis and Chairman Peter Hill-Wood what can only be described as a scathing attack on the very core of the club.

The shareholders were extremely vocal when Kroenke dodged the question asked of him asking if he intends to take a dividend out of the club – something the Arsenal fans do not want to see, especially given the little return we’ve seen so far.

Hill-Wood angered the Arsenal faithful even further with his patronising treatment towards the fans and shareholders.

Gazidis endured a horrid time as he spoke about the club’s financial position, claiming they will be able to compete with the world’s best players in the transfer market in two years time. This caused shareholders to shout ‘we’ve heard it all before’. And boy have we!

Arsenal fans went to this AGM with one goal in mind and that was to vent their frustration out at the way the club is being run, and it didn’t even take 10 minutes for the fans to get their chance to have their say.

These were some of the questions that were asked:

1. Why are the tickets so expensive?

2. Why do we keep selling our best players?

3. Why do we not spend heavily in the transfer market?

4. Why does it cost £13.90 for fish and chips?

The probing questions kept coming from supporters who were fed up with paying top prices without getting trophies in return.

In probably what was the worst timed question of the whole meeting, Ivan Gazidis if anyone did not agree with his re-election as chief executive for another term. The response from the supporters was about 15 people raising their hands as Hill-Wood mumbled ‘the same lot again’.

It appears to me Champions League qualification comes as the best thing we can achieve now. Arsene Wenger himself said a top four finish becomes before a trophy, yet other clubs are able to go for the FA Cup, Capital One Cup, Premier League, even the Europa League.

I don’t like the fact that it could be another two years before we are able to compete for things, what kind of message does this give to the likes of Jack Wilshere, Theo Walcott and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain?

How long is it going to be before someone comes knocking for one of these three players? Then what do we do? Sell another player to move the club forward?

Our club and us (the fans) deserve a lot better, and I believe we should be aiming for silverware, not just Champions League qualification.

Has our expectations dropped? Most definitely, and it’s a real shame, especially when you consider the history of the club.

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