Date: 6th July 2012 at 5:30pm
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Paul Merson had this to say on the matter:

‘Not many players leave Arsenal, very rarely, and don’t regret it.

It’s an unbelievable club. I’d have liked him to stick it out. I’m a bit gutted really. He’s burnt his bridges.

‘If he comes back and they don’t sell him the fans are going to slaughter him. They’ll be devastated. He’s a top-drawer player. World class.’

Merson is right. There are players that go on to regret leaving Arsenal, but recently we have had Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas both enjoy success following their departures. Yes Nasri’s success could be put down to one-last minute league win, but he still lifted a trophy at the end of the campaign.

I don’t know what is going to happen from here on out to be honest. Yes Robin is likely to leave the club and I hope the deal is pushed through as quickly as possible. I do not want him at the club any longer. This is purely because I don’t want it affecting the start of our season like the previous one.

We all would have liked to seen this sorted out prior to the start of the Euros, but when the announcement came stating no deal had been made for RVP it spoke volumes about his future. As it was well documented, Arsenal issued a media ban which added fuel to the fire that the Dutchman was going and the club went ahead and signed Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud.

Will RVP regret his decision to leave Arsenal?

I hope so.

It was proven at the Euros that without the service, which he has been used to at Arsenal, the goals won’t come like a lot of the media expected them too.

Will he receive the same service at Manchester City?

I doubt it.

This is not to say that City are not a talented side, but they are very ego driven and I don’t think, if he moved to City, he would regret it.

Is it a shame that Van Persie has burnt his bridges at Arsenal the way he has done. Yes he has alienated a huge amount of the Arsenal faithful who stuck by him injury after injury. Let’s not forget he’s only had ONE successful injury free season in eight. In this time span Robin averaged just 34.75 games a season, compared to the likes of Dennis Bergkamp, who averaged 37.82 over 11 years and Thierry Henry, who averaged an amazing 46.13 games over eight campaigns.

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