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A mentally strong and united dressing room is all that matters

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Well I know I don’t really have to state this because I am 100% certain that almost every Gooner out there feels the same – from breath taking news to heart breaking rumours and most of all, the nerve cracking anticipations – this has indeed been one of the toughest times for Arsenal Football Club.

However, one thing that keeps running in my mind has been the Robin van Persie saga that seems to be like a ‘Day Break’ every single day. The newsmakers on their

part seem to be making the situations look much critical than it really is.

But what worries me most is unlike the Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri saga from last summer, the RVP one will almost certainly have much more of an impact on the dressing room in both the team’s long-term aspirations and play.

Van Persie is arguably our most prized asset currently at the club and I think its fair to say that without his immense contribution last season we would’ve probably ended up in the bottom half of the table!

But what matters most is having a mentally strong and united dressing room going into the new season. So hopefully this new sage is dealt with swiftly and sufficiently before August 18th.

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  • gnners357 says:

    i think the dressing room would be happier if van persie stayed but thats just my opinion. follow me @kyekye45

  • Prof. Oyeboh. Razaq says:

    Yeah! I agree with you 100% A mentally strong dressing room is what we need at Arsenal and not RVP; and that is in the making against the new season. The more reason wiy RVP should be sold now. Remember Barcelona started winning well when they got rid of Samuel Eto’o and Ronaldinho; who were making the dressing room unhealthy.

    • chris from Cambridge says:

      We need more than that. We need a flexible formation to bring the best out of players, we need a drilled (team) defence and a thing called tactics. This won’t happen at Arene FC becuase it is not his way.

  • nicky says:

    Harmony in the dressingroom is of paramount importance. Because RVP is leaving, until he is transferred he must keep away from the dressingroom and not go on the Far East tour.
    Arsenal will move on. He is already one of yesterday’s men.

    • chris from Cambridge says:

      Well RVP was not yesterdy’s man last season. But more recently he has become the latest top player to announce he has no faith in the Wenger Grand Plan.

  • nicky says:

    @Chris from Cambridge,
    Last season was exceptional but “one out of eight is nothing great”.(ooh! it rhymes!!).
    The day when RVP and any of his colleagues can be said to know more about planning than Arsene Wenger, will be the day when I will listen to them.
    Arsenal will be well rid of RVP, and Walcott too if he wants out.

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