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What will matter most this summer for Arsenal

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With the Euro 2012 tournament drawing to a close it can only mean one thing – the official opening of the summer transfer window.

Though many teams have already made some signings, the real big-money purchases will no doubt be made after the tournament in Poland and Ukraine concludes.

The question for this summer’s transfer window for Arsenal of course is do we sign more young talent or ready-made players?

The answer for this is simple – ready-made players!

There is no reason as to why we should not sign ready-made players. Some may say money would be a factor, but if you want success then you have to dig into your pockets a little deeper.

Having young talent is good in terms of the club’s future, but they have no experience, are prone to errors and may not know how to handle certain scenarios. Signing ready-made players will certainly give Arsenal that edge that has been missing for so long.

A good mix of capable and experienced players with highly enthusiastic youth such as the ones we already have will surely help us end our trophy drought and revive our lost reputation as one of the most feared teams in England. After all, a team’s reputation counts for a lot. When you look at clubs like Manchester United and the Chelsea team from not so long ago, they would have the odd bad game, but the fear of facing such opposition made it easier for them to win.

This summer we definitely need to sign those ready-made players or we may end up with a much harder task in of acquiring silverware next season.

The arrival of Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud are great acquisitions and just what the doctor ordered. But we need two more stars to come in before the window shuts.

What matters most – signing young talent or ready-made player?

Let us know your thoughts on the matter

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huge Arsenal fan, love the team and all that comes with it.follower of all kinds of sports, football being my first love, yet to attend my first arsenal game but i am planning too, some time in the not to distant future. i enjoy writing as well, that's how i ended up here, never looked back....


  • WC says:

    We’re tired of waiting for players to develop, we’ve had 7 years of that failed experiment, now we want to win things again

  • chris from Cambridge says:

    What matters most is for AW to accept advice from other Arsenal coaches …eg. TACTICS and DEFENCE

  • GoonerB says:

    I disagree with needing 2 more stars. I think an experienced back up keeper is needed and 1 more star. If that star was Javi Martinez then we would have the squad we need providing all of RVP, Walcott and Song sign up. Many feel we need another defender but for me Martinez would remove the need for that because both he and Song can slot in there if required and we already have 3 international defenders. For me getting the above 3 to sign a new contract is now probably the most important and to also clear out the surplas to get as much money back as possible and get them off our wage books.

  • kc says:

    Javi cost too much for a young player with potential, not an international star yet. We’ve Song, Coq and Frimpong in that position. Maybe a skilful attacking midfielder would be better.

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